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# Sentence Times
1. A: The Japanese people eat Sushi and sashimi. 1
2. Aquatic delicacies top its menu of choice, including fresh and delicious Icy Shrimps and sashimi. 1
3. As sushi and sashimi, it was fatty and chewy with a bland, blubbery taste — like salmon that's been kept out too long. 1
4. Be patient, or there will be no chance to have sashimi for dinner today. 1
5. Daniel: I love sashimi. Did mom bring any soy sauce for that? 1
6. Diners around the globe have developed the taste for Japanese delicacies like sushi and sashimi. 1
7. Foods that are most well received by foreigners are tempura, sukiyaki, sushi, sashimi, buckwheat noodles, and soybean curd. 1
8. For instance , they prefer the food that is not cooked such as sushi and sashimi. 1
9. For lighter fare, try yellowtail sashimi on a bed of kimchi ($13) and an array of clams and oysters plucked from nearby waters. 1
10. I do love some halibut sashimi with truffle, I like me some blue crab hand roll. 1
11. I like to sashimi and sushi with wasabi. That makes the taste delicious. 1
12. I tried both sushi and sashimi but I prefer sushi. 1
13. In his 1995 memoir, "Dreams from My Father, " Obama wrote about growing up with the island's unique food and culture: poi and roast pig, choice cuts of aku for sashimi and spearfishing off Kailua Bay. 1
14. In Japanese cuisine, the mantis shrimp is eaten boiled as sashimi and as a sushi topping, and is called shako . 1
15. Kaiseki - ryori would not be complete without a serving of fresh sashimi. 1
16. Katherine: Me too. I especially like this sashimi. How do they cook it? 1
17. Most of the Japanese, and old alike, enjoy eating sashimi. 1
18. Most people have tried sushi, sashimi and tempura. 1
19. Of course, the sashimi must be the finest quality! 1
20. Sashimi is fresh squid- slice from the squid, sashimi category is a good choice! 1
21. The hepatitis B virus cannot be caught by eating raw seafood like sashimi or shell fish. 1
22. The pell-mell rush to provide tuna for the Japanese sushi and sashimi markets has—not surprisingly—intensified tuna fishing around the world. 1
23. The recommendable delicacies include fresh and sweet shrimps, nice sashimi fishes and food at reasonable price. 1
24. The salmon sushi and the yellowtail sashimi are likely to melt in your mouth, so pay close attention. 1
25. Use the sauce for dipping the sashimi pieces. 1
26. Vivi : It must be the sashimi. They did not taste fresh enough. 1
27. Would you like to try a lobster sashimi? 1
28. Yohei's sashimi was an instant hit, and soon other chefs began improving on his idea. 1




  - a Japanese dish of bite-sized pieces of raw fish eaten with soy sauce and wasabi paste.


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