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# Sentence Times
1. 'In her name, then, let it be done ; I sanction it . 1
2. "I doubt seriously if sanctions are going to bring them around on stopping their nuclear program," says Nau. 1
3. "It's time for the world to impose a UN arms embargo and financial sanctions, to hurt Burma's leaders until they make real changes," said Adams. 1
4. "Markets will be sensitive to any sign that G8 officials are sanctioning intervention to strengthen the US dollar, " analysts at Calyon Capital Markets Research said. 1
5. "Since 1979, we weathered international sanctions, diplomatic isolation, and the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s," he said. 1
6. "The FIGC does not want to and indeed cannot change the sanctions agreed by the Federal Court, " noted Commissioner Guido Rossi. "Anyone who thinks this is an end of season sale is sorely mistaken. 1
7. "We do not see sanctions as an effective instrument in this case, " Brazil's UN Ambassador Maria Luiza Viotti said. 1
8. 1713 - With no living male heirs, Emperor Charles VI issues the Pragmatic sanction to ensure that Habsburg lands and the Austrian throne would be inherited by his daughter, Maria Theresa. 1
9. A British official said he thought it was an open question whether sanctions would do any good. 1
10. A few concerts were organised in connection with national holidays - for example on railworkers day or at officially sanctioned Youth parties. 1
11. A government or religion prescribes and imposes sanctions selected by their effectiveness in controlling citizen or communicant. 1
12. A government, on the contrary, always has a sanction, expressed or implied. 1
13. A more ambitious bill that would have ended virtually all trade sanctions was voted down earlier in the same house debate. 1
14. A package of economic sanctions is to be enacted against the country. 1
15. A public debate is needed on these and other proposals to toughen Sarbanes - Oxley's sanctions. 1
16. A UN sanctions committee has agreed to release $500m of frozen assets to humanitarian agencies. 1
17. A whistleblower said staff at his jobcentre were given targets of three people a week to refer for sanctions, where benefits are removed for up to six months. 1
18. According to reports, the daily said France and Britain 24, is working with other partner countries to jointly draft a UN resolution to lift UN sanctions against Libya, and Libya thaw frozen assets. 1
19. According to the relevant regulations, if the EU wants to impose retaliatory tariffs on US products, it must officially notify the WTO of its sanctions by the 18th of this month. 1
20. Accordingly, Manville took out his code manual and began preparing an official sanction for despatch to Brussels. 1
21. After a heated exchange it was eventually agreed that the victory on Avignor had been the Emperor's divine will, and because of the Repressor should be included in the canon of sanctioned vehicles. 1
22. After the official Red Square parade there were two unofficial marches in Moscow, sanctioned by the city soviet. 1
23. Allowing them to make such a decision does not sanction it - far from it. 1
24. Almost 10 years of bombing and economic sanctions have taken an enormous toll. Food is rationed,(This website/rationed.html) as is electricity. 1
25. Also on April 27 measures laying down sanctions against speculation and the circumvention of price controls were announced. 1
26. Although the Mutton would never sanction wearing long johns as outer wear, they are peerless underwear for "weather events" such as the cold snap we have all endured of late. 1
27. America won't countenance any such circumvention of the sanctions. 1
28. An economic devastation might result from the massive animal death and the economic sanction from other countries on account of the FMD. 1
29. An economic sanction means you withhold something that is your sovereign right. 1
30. An illegal struggle takes illegal forms is not sanctioned by the enemy. 1

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