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1. " And last fall, in October, he made an apparent attempt to deflate the divorce rumors by sitting for a televised census count alongside his wife, who told the census taker, "I am his wife. 1
2. "Despite the various rumors and speculation surrounding this role, there has only ever been one Bilbo Baggins for us," director Peter Jackson said in a press release. 1
3. "Tiger Woods is financially sound and strong, contrary to wide-ranging rumors and inaccurate figures in the media, " Steinberg wrote in an email. 1
4. A celebrity of that era, he even put an announcement in the newspaper to address rumors, asking people to respect "the sacredly private nature" of his arrangement. 1
5. A dreadful rumor has come to hand. 1
6. A few years after revealing her diagnosis, Collyar said, she became aware of rumors questioning her ability to perform. 1
7. A hasty note from Mary asks her to disregard a scandalous rumor. 1
8. A high - priced gnome assassin is rumored to be in the area. 1
9. A lot of netizens become the power that did not use mechanism of politics and law to treat rumormonger to mayor Wang Wei, send Tie Yizheng seeing and hearing to express to support on the net however. 1
10. A rumor is abroad. 1
11. A rumor made the rounds today that Hoder, as he is known to fellow bloggers, had already been sentenced to death. 1
12. A rumor of a shortage stampeded people into laying in supplies. 1
13. A rumor spread that whites were going to burn and attack the black quarter, so the blacks prepared for an invasion. 1
14. A rumor was soon handed around that he had been thrown into prison. 1
15. A rumor was soon handed round that he had been thrown into prison. 1
16. A rumor went through the town. 1
17. A spokeswoman at the White House has squelched rumors about the president's ill-health. 1
18. Above, Rrisky, a Belgian Malinois puppy -- just like the one rumored to have gone on the bin Laden mission -- greets visitors at Lackland's kennels. 1
19. Absolutely rumor. I think some foreigners like to pass the buck to China. They did so in the financial crisis, didn't they? 1
20. According to rumor, a GSM version of the Centro is on the docket for January, and its seems likely at least one of the CDMA carriers will eventually offer the Treo 500v. 1
21. Actually, more person thinks they are in maleficent, they release network of rumor for fear that not random, network of for fear that does not jam. 1
22. After verification, these rumors do not substantiated, Science City is clarification. 1
23. Agnus: Hellhole?! Watch your words! Just as fouled mouthed as I had heard... the rumors prove true. As will the new ones concerning your d...d...d...demise! 1
24. Ainge has squashed numerous trade rumors surrounding Rondo and expressed strong affection for him Tuesday. 1
25. Although the ever-present rumors abounded, the next large-scale insurrection did not occur until January 1811 in Louisiana. 1
26. Amid rumors that there were prehistoric mammoths wandering around the unknown region and that somewhere in its wilds was a mountain of rock salt 80 by 45 miles in extent, the two captains set out. 1
27. And because the band went into a rehab center to iron out its differences, rumors spread about drug use. 1
28. And if rumors of a touchscreen controller prove true, a gamepad that could double as a portable handheld system would be an eye-catching bonus. 1
29. And there are ongoing rumors that CFO Ray Young may be the next to go. 1
30. And will BOC privatize BOC ( Hong Kong ) as the rumors currently flying around suggest? 1

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