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1. A city of southwest Netherlands on the Meuse River southeast of Rotterdam. Founded in the th century, it is a railroad junction and river port. Population, 07,475. 0
2. After the Erasmus bridge we are in need of a real skyscraper of European scale of which Rotterdam can be proud. 0
3. After the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam, we can relax here in The Hague. 0
4. Agent: Remember to inform your crew about going ashore with Landing Permits. This is the regulation of Rotterdam Port. 0
5. Architects MVRDV of Rotterdam and COBE of Copenhagen and Berlin have won a competition to design a rock-music museum at a former concrete factory in Roskilde, Denmark. 0
6. Are these reefer containers for Rotterdam? 0
7. Boris Becker and Ivan Lendl have both withdrawn from the world indoor tournament in Rotterdam. 0
8. Bradley rotter saw up close the adventurous side of Shanks: "I remember he bought a jet helicopter, and was learning to fly it and wanted to take me out on one of his maiden missions." 1
9. Caroline Klaver, at Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, found another strand, also on chromosome 15, linked to short sight. 0
10. Chelsea and Feyenoord could finalise arrangments in August - when they will be in Rotterdam for a friendly. 0
11. Cheval 's former boss, Bradley rotter, knew the offer was a big deal: "Dennis had already been managing money for me, and I did very well." 1
12. Didn't I tell you when we saw him arrive that he was a rotter? 1
13. Dordrecht also Dort, a city of southwest Netherlands on the Meuse River southeast of Rotterdam. 0
14. Fabian Cancellara races through the Rotterdam time trial course during the prologue July 3. 0
15. Fans watch Lance Armstrong race the prologue trial July 3 in Rotterdam. 0
16. Ferries carrying passengers and commercial lorries ply daily, between Hull and Rotterdam. 0
17. Having started its homeward-bound voyage in South Korea and having picked up most of its cargo in Shanghai, the Eleonora is due to dock in Rotterdam in a couple weeks' time. 0
18. He might be all the rotters of the universe, but he had a gentle, magical touch with the child. 1
19. He studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam and has exhibited in various international group and solo shows. 0
20. He's a complete rotter! 0
21. Hong Kong shot past Rotterdam in 1987 to become the world's busiest container port. 0
22. I knew so many rotters before him, I could have done a degree in them. 1
23. I think he's an awful young rotter. 1
24. Investor Bradley rotter added, "Jerry Parker did a very wise thing early on in his career." 1
25. Investor Bradley rotter, who has been called the very first investor with Dennis, saw their conundrum. 1
26. Jacob studied at the Yeshiva de los Pintos at Rotterdam and at the age of twenty-five was already a rabbi in Amsterdam. 0
27. Klaas Post of the Natural History Museum of Rotterdam in the Netherlands discovered the ancient whale's fossils on the last day of a brief fossil-hunting expedition in 2008. 0
28. Located at the Rhine River and the Mas river estuary's Rotterdam port is the world first big port. 0
29. Major Cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Groningen, Tilburg , Haarlem, Nijmegen. 0
30. Norway had held Holland to a scoreless draw in Rotterdam. 0

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