Romp Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use romp, so you can learn how to use romp in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word romp here, and see the words sound like or similar to romp

# Sentence Times
1. 'A Royal Scandal' is an hour-long romp that pokes fun at British royal marriages. 1
2. "I was also into floral print rompers, " she noted, "but I've retired them." 1
3. "Tom Jones" is a bawdy romp through 18th century England. 1
4. A CCTV camera - each capsule is fitted with one - would also have captured their sexy romp. 1
5. A romp to loosen the mind and body. 1
6. Acts 7:43 And you took up the tabernacle of Moloch and the star of your god Rompha,(Sentencedict) the images which you made to worship. 0
7. Airs romped around him, nipping and eager airs , they are coming, waves. 1
8. And the McCain camp already blew its strategy in the first presidential debate by going far too easy on Obama, allowing him to romp home in the polls. 1
9. As Spiker romps through the grass with Marcy after his lesson, it's obvious that the two have bonded. 1
10. Betushka had no distaff, so she wound the flax around her head. Then she took the little basket and went romping and singing behind the goats to the birch wood. 1
11. But the alternative is an unbridgeable gap between town and country – with children such as Zhao Ai stranded in poverty as his urban peers romp ahead. 1
12. But the flesh - and - blood actors also got to romp on the pyramids. 1
13. Children romped on the playground. 1
14. Civil libertarians would be up in arms but it would mean fewer animals whose final romp is into a killing-room. 1
15. Every year was a romp to the playoffs. 1
16. Farrah was dressed in a new white romper suit with pink trimmings. 1
17. Friends bosses hope the romp will perk up their ratings. 1
18. From casual to dressy there is a romper for everyone. Do you wear rompers? 2
19. From the first false eyelashes (1916 and sliced bread (1912), Mr Robertson takes readers on an alphabetical romp through history's innovations and innovators. 1
20. Fulfilling an outstanding fixture at Benllech A, the 1992 title winners romped home with an easy 11-1 victory. 1
21. Fulfilling an outstanding fixture at Benllech A, the 1992 title winners romped home with an easy 11-1 victory.This website 1
22. He chose the lead dancer-then whisked her off for a romp.This website 1
23. He had romped through the maze of questions with unexpected ease. 1
24. He romped home in the marathon race. 1
25. He romped through his driving test this time. 1
26. He was on song in the romp over their rivals. 1
27. His latest film is an enjoyable romp. 1
28. I can't turn around here in Shaanxi and head west for a romp in Qinghai. 1
29. I lay back like a king lion and let her romp. 1
30. I love watching the kids romp and in fact as I watch them I realize how much I envy them. 1

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