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1. A continuous robust term is adopted to minify the influence of modeling error or disturbance, and it not only enhances the system's robustness but also improves the flexibility of the design process. 1
2. A great deal of simulation shows that, comparing with the regular control system, this system possesses better control character and stronger robustness. 1
3. A kind of robust PID controller based on closed-loop gain shaping algorithm, which had higher precision and superior robustness, replaced the LQ controller. 1
4. A lot of experiments have shown the good robustness and low false alarm rate. 1
5. A series of experiments show that the advanced PID controller and the algorithm enable the magnetic suspension disk sheet system to have a better stability and robustness. 1
6. A spectral estimator based on the rank-deficient sample covariance matrix was developed to improve the robustness of estimates of the rank-deficient robust Capon filter-bank (RCF) spectral estimator. 1
7. A time minimum robust time delay filter of flexible system is proposed in this paper to improve the robustness of traditional time optimal control. 1
8. According to the experiment this method is less impacted by light and floor circumstance, less error of aberrancy , better real-time and robustness. 1
9. According to the maximum magnitude of the complementary sensitivity function, the filter time constant is calculated to assure the robustness of system. 1
10. According to the viewpoint of modern control theory, many advantages are provided in PID control, i. e. , the inherent robustness and intellection. 1
11. According to the viewpoint of modern control theory, many advantages are provided in PID control, i. e. , the inherent robustness, optimal contract characteristic and intellection. 1
12. And the intelligent method is pointed out to deal with the antinomy of the performance and robustness of the control systems based on the problem in the industry control practice work. 1
13. And the robustness of DHAM was derived using probability and statistic method, with some approximate reasoning using. 1
14. Application of FEC coding, interleaving and satellite path diversity in addition to CRC to provide maximum robustness for navigation and auxiliary data transmission over mobile fading conditions. 1
15. As a result of it, the control algorithm in the article enhances the dynamic quality of large-delay object, and excels PID control in the anti-interference characteristic and robustness. 1
16. As for contour tracking, a contour tracking method based on characteristic code and retrospecting mechanism is present, which can track cell edge with short branch, so as to enhance its robustness. 1
17. As to the method based on oscillator, the resistor thermal noise is effectively added to improve phase jitter, and a bandgap reference is introduced that improves the system robustness. 1
18. Aspects also have the ability to modify object state and behavior in new, more fine-grained ways, raising worries about maintaining system integrity, robustness, and even comprehension. 1
19. Aspects also have the ability to modify object state and behavior in new, more fine-grained ways, raising worries about maintaining system integrity, robustness,(This website/robustness.html) and even comprehension. 1
20. At last, the validity of new type of generalized inverse control is proved via simulations of decoupling performance, disturbance-rejection performance and robustness based on vector control. 1
21. Automatic Grid workflow generation approach enabling input feedback and robustness enhancement. 1
22. Based on the definitions of the relative model error of plus response model in linear system and the minimum index of robustness, the robustness of all kinds of dot-controllers was analyzed. 2
23. Because above method is not a rigorous ratiocinative method, but a empirical diagnosis based on partial information, this method has robustness to the limitation of testing accuracy and information. 1
24. BP neural network has the robustness, associated memory and nonlinear mapping, this paper embodies ingathering of samples, confirmation of framework and training of network. 1
25. By adjusting coefficient difference based on edge detection in wavelet transformation domain, integrative optimization of watermarking imperceptibility and robustness is implemented. 1
26. By using the measure criterion of intersymbol interference, the parameter optimization and robustness of timing jitter of interpolation filter for a few kinds of shaping functions has been studied. 1
27. By utilizing error correction code, the robustness of robust watermark is improved. 1
29. Chaos map and singular value decomposition of matrix technology are introduced to improve the watermarking imperceptibility, security and robustness of watermark image. 1
30. Compared to C/S technique, the distributed search mechanism of P2P has many advantages such as better retractility, stronger robustness, higher efficiency of using resource, less investment and so on. 1




  - the quality or condition of being strong and in good condition.


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