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1. 'Oh, its all very well to TALK, ' said the Mole, rather pettishly , he being new to a river and riverside life and its ways. 1
2. 'Oh, its all very well to TALK, ' said the Mole, rather pettishly (This website/mole.html), he being new to a river and riverside life and its ways. 1
3. "Now we can start to triangulate this data," Peter Arensburger, lead author of the Culex study and an assistant researcher at the University of California, riverside, told SciDev.Net. 1
4. A boy carries bricks on his head at a riverside factory where mud is fired in kilns to produce building materials on the outskirts of Chad's capital N'Djamena, May 31 2008. 1
5. A wide range of confectionery and ice-cream is sold from the riverside Theatre Shop before the show and during the interval. 1
6. And loved it every bit as much as they adored their riverside home. 1
7. Because of the disease whole communities have had to leave fertile riverside villages and resettle in more arid areas. 1
8. Bubonic plague is not directly associated with water, but the rats which carried it arrived by boat at riverside wharves. 1
9. But clinging to the numbered street grid system we found, and flopped into, our riverside home. 1
10. Coastal land may be included in the future, but cultivated land, parks and gardens, woodland and riversides are excluded. 1
11. Damp leaves, moist air and a faint atmosphere of dereliction made my riverside walk feel sadly autumnal. 1
12. Did he really fight a duel with bowie knives in a riverside faro den? 1
13. Encrusted with verdigris, two statues of the "liver bird", the city's symbol, sit atop a riverside building. 1
14. Escape the sweltering summer heat and bustle of Beijing on a relaxing day hike by the cool riverside and lulling waterfalls of Wangquan Valley. 1
15. Favored locations included riverside and San Bernardino counties, listed by 42 percent of builders pursuing this strategy. 1
16. From the riverside he saw the honest salesman still crossing over on the ferry boat. 1
17. Graceful five hills lie imposingly at the riverside, embellishing the boundless plain by the river and sea. 1
18. His stratagem was to cross riverside Drive and enter the first building, as if he lived there. 1
19. I often find juveniles of Japanese five - lined skink on the riverside and the the mountain. 1
20. I often find juveniles of Japanese five-lined skink on the riverside and the path in the mountain. 1
21. In 1959 when the No. 1 Jianghan Bridge was built in Wuhan, allowing the riverside road to pass through its side span, our first half- cloverleaf grade separation was constructed. 1
22. In recent decades, the Severn has been steadily undercutting the riverside churchyard at Newnham. 1
23. In the summer dusk the pale hatched moths float out over the riverside. 1
24. It had made Sammler feel like a fool to go immediately to a phone booth on riverside Drive. 1
25. It was almost time for the afternoon session at the riverside. 1
26. Just to add an extra twist to the festivities at their riverside Church wedding, the bride, who is in her 30s, will walk down the aisle in an antique Edwardian wedding gown sewn in 1909. 1
27. Kerry Knudsen, lichen curator of the University of California, riverside Herbarium, discovered the species in 2007 while doing a survey for lichen diversity on Santa Rosa Island in California. 1
28. Kerry Knudsen, the lichen curator5) in the University of California, riverside Herbarium, picked the name to "show my appreciation for the president's support of science and science education." 1
29. London's most famous riverside pub with a flagstone floor, a cobbled courtyard and great views. 1
30. Meanwhile, the infante of queenly husband, phenanthrene benefit riverside that is 87 years old also will undertake correcting to its individual website. 1






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