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1. After Indian grievances had resulted in the start of Pontiac's War (1763–64), British authorities determined to subdue intercolonial rivalries and abuses by dealing with Indian problems as a whole. 1
2. All sorts of rivalries and intrigues are played out. This website 1
3. And politicians will never yield turf to them. Conspiracy theorists blame internal rivalries between municipal-bond and corporate-finance folk. 1
4. At times party rivalries have broken out into open warfare. 1
5. Bitter ethnic rivalries within the region have grown in recent years. 1
6. Bologna was rich and had the usual rivalries with neighbours, most intensively with Modena, its arch-enemy. 1
7. Dr Yawei Liu, director of the Carter Centre's China Programme, also warned against the "voyeurism" of Pekingologists trying to decipher inner party rivalries. 1
8. Ethnic rivalries threaten to tear this country apart. 1
9. Fierce rivalries have traditionally fragmented the region. 1
10. Fortunately, inter-agency rivalries are usually more benign. 1
11. I envisioned play would be a static simulation of the boisterous on-the-floor rivalries I shared with my siblings. 1
12. In a television address to the Indian people from a historic fort known as "Purana Qila" in New Delhi, Mr. Bush said rivalries of the Cold War kept the two democracies separate for decades. 1
13. In post - war Europe and America, large scale urbanisation led to an increase in gang rivalries. 1
14. It also enhanced the national rivalries that would eventually touch off the First World War. 1
15. It was these national rivalries that eventually touched off the First World War. 1
16. Moreover, departmental rivalries are endemic in the style of central government whereby competitive bids are made for limited financial resources. 1
17. Mr Assad defused that crisis by stripping Rifat of power, but Alawite rivalries remain keen. 1
18. Mr Levin has also spent a fortune in shareholder money to resolve the internal rivalries bedeviling his game plan for Time Warner. 1
19. Nevertheless the serial monogamy of kings is likely to have had its implications for the rivalries between their heirs. 1
20. New democracies have been born, struggling against appalling odds to find their feet, with hyper-inflation and national rivalries. 1
21. New democracies have been born, struggling against appalling odds to find their feet(This website/appalling.html), with hyper-inflation and national rivalries. 1
22. Old rivalries are barely submerged and every quip has a deadly double meaning. 1
23. Some analysts also believe political and economic rivalries place high hurdles in the path of a true Asia trade bloc. 1
24. Such rivalries generated further rifts and divisions, opening up a wide chasm between the theory and practice of the dar a! 1
25. The Court at St Germain, however, was riven with personal rivalries and intrigues, which weakened Jacobite organisation considerably. 1
26. The crisis is rooted in deep rivalries between the two groups. 1
27. The gang rivalries of the street were kept within bounds and out of the world of adult entertainment. 1
28. The major issues that confront parents with caregivers are rivalries and maintaining the primacy of the family. 1
29. The mujaheddin attack was further weakened by internal rivalries. 1
30. The only solution seems to be to rotate the casting vote, but there are always Trollopean difficulties and rivalries. 1

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