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# Sentence Times
1. "Be necessary to restrict network ill will to take appearance of honorary of advert damage individual " , assentient holds absolutely dominant position in layer of each areas, sexual distinction, age. 1
2. "Digitisation and the internet have turned copyright into an appallingly restrictive anachronism" –translation: many people think "easily available" should mean "free". 1
3. "He came to the most restricted meetings of the Arab mujahedin," Hanif told Newsweek last week. 1
4. "I worry that the risk of runs is still very much there," says Phil Suttle, chief economist at the IIF, referring to the restrictions on the Fed. 1
5. "In spite of continued shortages, market access continues to be restricted as Russia looks to redirect otherwise improved market signals to its customs union partner, " the briefing said. 1
6. "On paths optimization in a network with restriction of finite transported material" is very special cost flow problem. 1
7. "To Convict and Punish illegitimately"is one of the composing articles of the criminal codes of the Qing Imperial Code, which mainly was used to restrict officials in trials. 1
8. A business activity can still be considered ultra vires if it encroaches on national security or restricted by law. 1
9. A consultative approach is therefore inherently more restricted and theoretically more committed concerning the relationship between knowledge sources in anaphor resolution. 1
10. A crucial aspect of the productive process is the division of labour into restricted tasks. 1
11. A definition of family property that is restricted to claims on tangible property is weighted heavily toward the concerns of rich families. 1
12. A deviant grammatical structure may occasionally be accepted in very restricted contexts, for instance in order to maintain rhyme or metre in poetry. 1
13. A diet to lose weight relies on calorie restriction in order to obtain results. 1
14. A direct current plasma spray gun was designed in which separation sections were set between anode and cathode to restrict the large-scale diffluence of arc. 1
15. A dre is like a barbed fence . It protects the premises without restricting the view. 1
16. A dress is like a barbed fence. It protects the premises without restricting the view. 1
17. A dummy has all the restrictive properties of a real job but no time content. 1
18. A firm may also be restricted for a period from accepting certain types of new appointments without the committee's consent. 1
19. A first step must be to restrict any military hardware sales to defensive weapons. 1
20. A fixing baffle plate is provided above two ends of the top of a rubber chamber to restrict the rubber chamber to move up and a vertical angle stand-wedge to sway over or move up too. 1
21. A former Metrologie employee, Sayles says eXplain was restricted from attacking the Metrologie X terminal customer base. 1
22. A further level of pre-censorship, imposed by a bureaucracy headed by government appointees, is an unnecessary institutional restriction on programme-makers. 1
23. A further restriction on the clinical use of alumina is the response of tissues to its implantation. 1
24. A future maintenance release for Version 6 will add the back-level configuration templates that will lift this restriction. 1
25. A general right of recovery of overpaid tax could not incorporate any such restriction. 1
26. A good custom search engine restricts the search space to a number of authoritative sites from a domain. 1
27. A haploid organism that represents the vegetative stage in life cycles in which diploidy is restricted to the zygote. 1
28. A host state may restrict the activities of a financial institution as far as it is justified by the general good. 1
29. A larcenous tendency restricted to shady operators and others of that ilk. 1
30. A legal community needs not only internal moral adjustment but also external restriction of legal good faith. 1

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