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# Sentence Times
1. According to WNW condition, a systematic analysis about the restraints from GUT on chiral three-preon model with confining weak interaction is discussed. 1
2. After the transition expiry of Agreement on Textiles and Clothing, international trade in textiles has come to a period of free trade with no quota restraints. 1
3. All cars built since 1981 have points for the attachment of safety restraints. 1
4. And second, it seems odd to allow government debt and then to try to offset its unfortunate effects by the meat-axe approach of imposing restraints on usury. 1
5. As a general matter, there is an international consensus about the economic evils of price-fixing cartels as unjustifiable restraints of competition. 1
6. Both pelvic and thoracic sling restraints are used. 1
7. But he also comments that the welfare analysis of restraints is quite equivocal. 1
8. But the cost is enormous and requires huge subsidies to producers and import restraints which have discouraged competitive exporters. 1
9. But the pervasiveness of the online media had convinced the trial judge to overlook nearly 70 years of precedent outlawing similar prior restraints. 1
10. But we have seen that vertical separation with restraints may well be more socially undesirable than vertical integration. 1
11. Butter won, and oleomargarine was taxed and placed under other restraints that persisted on the Federal level until 1950. 1
12. Conceptually at least, this is reasonably straight forward. Vertical restraints come under a number of guises. 1
13. For Chinese finance market in current stage, there are many restraints for the deduction of zero coupon bond yield curve. 1
14. For Chinese finance market in current stage, there are many restraints for the deduction of zero coupon bond yield... 1
15. For recognizing the restraints and limitations of the old policies is not at all the same as removing them. 1
16. For the better part of the next forty years they were to be the decisive restraints. 1
17. He has been put in restraints again. 1
18. Hence self-restraint of the ruler must be reinforced by effective institutions: restraints upon the arbitrary exercise of governmental power. 1
19. Hence we turn to such matters and therefore to the question of vertical restraints. 1
20. Henry has decided to fling off all restraints. 1
21. However arable farmers have fewer restraints on when they can inject. 1
22. If you want leather restraints, make sure the leather is of good quality, but that it is soft enough to prevent chaffing . 1
23. Import restraints are equivalent to a sales tax and often apply to necessities. 1
24. In fact, the substitutional restraint as the basis and destination of all restraints is not only the foundation of market economy but also enables an encouraging policy more perfect. 1
25. In the case of ideal operational amplifier, circuit analysis was simplified by the ideal summing point restraints of zero voltage and zero current at the inverting input. 1
26. In the meantime there was no great political thrust for change, and in any case public expenditure restraints were tight. 1
27. In the United States, the strong tradition against prior restraints makes it almost impossible to persuade a court to issue a gag order on the press. 1
28. Initially he had bucked against her restraints. 1
29. It also includes drivers , restraints, challenges, total revenue forecasts, market trends, and analysis of vendor participants. 1
30. It is more akin to the toilet found on a modern jet airliner, with the addition of spring-loaded thigh restraints! 0

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