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# Sentence Times
1. " Even the normally restrained Economist magazine rushed out an editorial accusing Obama of "technophobia" and "Luddism. 1
2. "Channel ERP into, how to practice that restrain from these?" as for the third question? 1
3. "The question is to what extent Ozawa can restrain himself," said Tomoaki Iwai, a professor at Nihon University in Tokyo. 1
4. A 50 Hz band - stop filter ( notch ) is designed to restrain the power frequency interference further. 1
5. A Chinese English student must restrain from using the Chinese-English translation thinking process that he is accustomed to. 1
6. A duck. If varmint cannot be restrained tongscorn - on - the - cob holders, stand on it. 1
7. A few protect hair small folk prescription self- restrainedly simply, every chapel is protected, the show that lets you is sent also can soft Rou Liangliang, sparkle moving! 1
8. A fully differential operational amplifier is introduced in the design of wideband limiting amplifier which can restrain the common noise effectively. 1
9. A harness, consisting of a headstall, bit, and reins, fitted about a horse's head and used to restrain or guide the animal. 1
10. A jitter restraining circuit which can restrain jittering in the HDB3/AMI code of 1st to 3rd groups is presented. And the experiment results are provided as well. 2
11. A major restraint upon such generosity was, however, the opposition of ratepayers. 1
12. A new high voltage restraint mode which is different from traditional driver is used in power amplifier. 1
13. A new type of organic restrainer RC is introduced for separation of pyrite from chalcopyrite . 1
14. A passing off action will lie to restrain the use of any firm name which breaches this rule. 1
15. A restrained virility that boded ill for anyone so incredibly foolish as to even think of challenging his authority. 1
16. A San Francisco Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting the sale or storage of marijuana at the club. 1
17. A sound structure of Corporate Governance consists of restraint mechanism and motivation mechanism. 1
18. A system is usually established to restrain and normalize the relationship among people. 1
19. A transformer with on-load voltage regulation was equipped with to restrain the worsening trend and avoid emergency events when the transformers tap changer did not function well. 1
20. A very sharp increase might have persuaded some Fed officials to push for higher rates to restrain inflation. 1
21. A waveform design method that can restrain the multipath effect was proposed. It was achieved by placing signal on the second zero point of waveform filter and keeping the information rate. 1
22. Abnormal pore fluid pressure can enhance capillary sealing ability of caprock and the restraining hydrocarbon concentration sealing ability making faults form sealing. 1
23. Absolute liberty is absence of restraint. 1
24. Abstract: The doctrine of Restraint of Trade is the judicial bases for the court of the Common Law Countries to decide whether a business transaction is unfair. 0
25. According to the airflow tilt angle sensitive element and its output feature, a mathematic model on restraining acceleration interference is built. 1
26. According to WNW condition, a systematic analysis about the restraints from GUT on chiral three-preon model with confining weak interaction is discussed. 1
27. Accordingly, he had restrained his own consumption just as Cunningham's had begun to accelerate out of control. 1
28. Adam wants to swear vengeance against Donnithorne, but Irwine restrains him. 1
29. After an exchange with Bonin, Zimmer became so upset that he had to be restrained. 1
30. After behaving with notable restraint during the election, she had been building up to this. 1

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