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# Sentence Times
1. An informal group of commercial bank creditors, the London Club negotiates with debtor governments that have loan problems and need to reschedule debt. 1
2. BLACKSBURG, Va. - A hearing has been rescheduled for a Virginia Tech doctoral student accused of killing a fellow student in a campus cafe. 1
3. Components Bureau have rescheduled their league showdown with Powerhouse, postponed in controversial circumstances last month, for 23 February in Whitburn. 1
4. Concern swung away from programmes designed to reschedule a reduction of service costs, back towards the earlier aspiration of redemption. 1
5. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to reschedule the concert. 1
6. Flight No.2345 to Los Angeles is rescheduled. 1
7. He was recently scheduledto fly from Harrisburg, Pa., to Raleigh, NC, via Atlanta on Delta. But his 8 a.m. flight was canceled, and the airlineautomatically rescheduled him on a 4:40 p.m. flight. 1
8. I rescheduled my doctor's appointment for later in the week. 1
9. I'll call you on Friday to see if we can reschedule our luncheon meeting at your convenience. 1
10. If you're really too distracted to speak, then reschedule the call. 1
11. If your colorist pulls out a crochet hook and a plastic cap, reschedule with someone else. 1
12. It will cost me a packet to travel down to watch the rescheduled match! 1
13. News Corp is trying to persuade its 150 banks to agree to reschedule that debt with higher interest charges but later repayments. 1
14. Now it is pleading with the banks to reschedule £250m of borrowings to keep the company afloat. 1
15. Repayments on the loan have been rescheduled over 20 years. 1
16. Run-off elections to decide finally on the presidential nominees, originally planned for Oct. 3,(This website/run-off.html) were rescheduled to Oct. 10. 1
17. Since I'll be away, I'd like to reschedule the meeting. 1
18. Sometimes things do work out when a major planet retrogrades, especially if the operation had been scheduled and rescheduled a few times before the day of the procedure. 1
19. The Celtics' scheduled home game on Tuesday night against the Indiana Pacers was canceled and won't be rescheduled. 1
20. The Commonwealth Development Corporation has agreed to reschedule Tanzania's debt. 1
21. The meeting was postponed after a snowstorm and has yet to be rescheduled. 1
22. The press conference had to be rescheduled for March 19. 1
23. The process context only needs switching if a reschedule is between threads in different processes. 1
24. They've rescheduled the vigil for February 14th. 1
25. This debt is rescheduled for next year. 1
26. This feature replaces notices in the Calendar for unaccepted invitations, rescheduled events, and delegation notices. 1
27. Under such circumstances an employer may be willing to reschedule the interview. 1
28. We've recently completed negotiations concerning public - sector debt and have rescheduled certain amortization periods. 1
29. We've rescheduled the next meeting -- it clashed with a conference that most of us will be attending. 1

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