Reprimand Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use reprimand, so you can learn how to use reprimand in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word reprimand here, and see the words sound like or similar to reprimand

# Sentence Times
1. "Don't be vulgar," she reprimanded. 1
2. "Don't contradict your mother," was Charles's sharp reprimand. 1
3. A reprimand to someone who incautiously left a terminal unlocked. 1
4. A reprimand would allow Gingrich to keep his leadership job, while a formal censure would strip Gingrich of his speakership. 1
5. After the severest reprimand, he did not tremble. 1
6. After the trial two police officers were suspended from duty; four others were reprimanded. 1
7. Alternate mild forms of discipline, such as a frown or a mild reprimand, with timeouts. 1
8. An example of a punishing event would be a child at school who is reprimanded for talking during lessons. 1
9. And there were those men who encouraged us to reprimand them for sexist thoughts and deeds. 1
10. At this moment, be turn for Xie Jin, he stalks of grain without the speech, grab a few phenomena that mike begins reprimand China filmdom to exist. 1
11. Breslin was sharply reprimanded for insulting an Asian-American reporter. 1
12. But Democrats flatly denied that the subcommittee already had unanimously agreed to recommend a reprimand. 1
13. Cooper reprimanded his daughter for driving too fast and getting a speeding ticket. 1
14. Debra remembered as a very young child being severely reprimanded by her father. 1
15. Despite an immediate reprimand from Chamorro, Godoy's statements during the strike reportedly encouraged the formation of right-wing armed groups. 1
16. Early on in his career he had received a reprimand for that very sin. 1
17. For example, some parents feel unable to reprimand asthmatic children in case this provokes an attack. 1
18. Forty-seven other officers were stung with lesser penalties ranging from long suspensions to letters of reprimand. 1
19. Frank Bridge , the village constable , was severely reprimanding the two culprits. 1
20. He had to answer; he could not ignore the question or brush it away with a reprimand or a dismissive counterquestion. 1
21. He has been fined five thousand pounds and given a severe reprimand. 1
22. He received a severe reprimand for his behaviour. 1
23. He resented being called from his office to be reprimanded. 1
24. He said not a word to her, but contented himself with sending a stern reprimand to Aeolus. 1
25. He spoke in Tibetan, and his delivery was stern and admonitory , like a forbidding, old-fashioned father reprimanding his children. 1
26. He was called down to the principal's office to be reprimanded for his unexcused absences. 1
27. He was fined £500 for each offence and reprimanded. 1
28. He was informed that Leaken had not been given that authority and had, in fact, been reprimanded for his presumptuousness. 1
29. He was reprimanded by a teacher for talking in the corridor. 1
30. He was reprimanded for insufficient control. 1

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