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1. 'I'd been an investigative reporter all my life, and then boom, ' says Mr. Wenske, an award-winning journalist of 30 years. 'Suddenly you're not the same person you used to be. 1
2. 'If I am elected as prime minister on Saturday, the minerals resource rent tax I legislate will be the one that was agreed' with major miners last month, Ms. Gillard told reporters. 1
3. " China inspect chairman of medium trustee bureau to hold presiding apparitor Li Limin concurrently to be opposite " China runs a newspaper " the reporter says. 1
4. " Could it be his look -- "two-piece army suit, bouffant hairdo, Ray-ban sunglasses, and platform shoes," as one ABC reporter put it -- offers some inspiration during these austere times? 1
5. " In those days, all kinds of light and dark side of the writers who reporter, is well-known in the history of the " muckraking persons. 1
6. "Duch wishes to ask forgiveness from the victims and the Cambodian people,(This website/roux.html) " Francois Roux told reporters at the specially built court outside the Cambodian capital. "He will do so publicly. 1
7. "He's no stranger to the civic association, " Binghamton police chief Joe Zikuski told reporters. 1
8. "I deplore when you see the evident referees' mistakes, " Blatter told reporters on Tuesday. "It has not been a five-star game for referees. 1
9. "I wanted the reporters to go away feeling they'd done more than just report, and I think Sara Rimer did," Nall says. 1
10. "I've said I'll attempt it, " he told reporters by telephone from his workplace at Pimlico Plumbers. 1
11. "If he is extradited to America he risks his life because prisoners in Arizona do not like priests accused of paedophilia , " the lawyer, Michele Silverij, told reporters at an extradition hearing. 1
12. "It will take two to three months to identify those burned-out bodies still in the train, " Taegu Fire Chief Kim Shin-dong told reporters. 1
13. "It would be irresponsible for the president to veto this legislation," Boehner told reporters. 1
14. "Last year, President Obama made clear his intent to lead the United States back to the multilateral table, and that intent was defined as the era of engagement," Brimmer told reporters. 1
15. "Maxim and FHM are called laddy magazines. We can be called a Dad magazine," Beting Laygo Dolor, Playboy Philippines' editor, told reporters on Thursday. 1
16. "Nanshan Flying Fox" told reporters that two of netizens and his contacts, "female friend had reported in this long-distance trips on board encountered the same indecency . 1
17. "Rafa got a knock against Arsenal, but hopefully he'll train today, " the boss told reporters at Friday's pre-match press conference. 1
18. "Rafa got a knock against Arsenal, but hopefully he'll train today(This website/knock against.html), " the boss told reporters at Friday's pre-match press conference. 1
19. "Since that time, all search engines are free of charge, so propaganda Sichuan travel essential not spend a penny, "Yang Guobin told this reporter. 1
20. "The complexity of managing your computer is torturing users," Google cofounder Sergey Brin told reporters. "It's a flawed model fundamentally. 1
21. "The response has been overwhelming," Hiroshi Kobayashi, deputy chief operating officer for Honda's domestic operations, told a small group of reporters at a test-drive event in Tokyo. 1
22. "This budget is the most austere fiscal blueprint California has seen in more than a generation, " state Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg told reporters Monday. 1
23. "This is criminality pure and simple, and it has to be confronted and defeated," Cameron told reporters from outside his residence at 10 Downing Street. 1
24. "This is very exciting, because mankind has always thought about being invisible or having invisibility cloaks," Ergin told the reporters in a telephone interview. 1
25. "Up yours,(Sentencedict)" said the reporter and stormed out into the street. 1
26. "Up yours," said the reporter and stormed out into the street. 1
27. "We all share ambitions for this round, " Mr. Hill told reporters as he arrived at his hotel on Wednesday evening. "We want to make a good start, a good step forward. 1
28. "We are delighted to create history, " the minister, P.C. Zoramsangliana, told reporters in the capital, Aizawl, where the troupe in traditional tribal dress assembled at a military ground. 1
29. "We can confirm that debris and bodies from the Air France plane were recovered from the water, " he told reporters at the air force base in Recife. 1
30. "We gave him a beer mug to add to his collection," a beaming Merkel told reporters after hosting a summit on the 50th anniversary of the EU's founding Treaty of Rome. 1

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