Repertoire Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use repertoire, so you can learn how to use repertoire in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word repertoire here, and see the words sound like or similar to repertoire

# Sentence Times
1. A male moth flies upwind to a scent, and it goes through a very complicated repertoire to do it. 1
2. a pianist with a wide repertoire. 1
3. A repertoire of tricks will astound the esteemed public. 1
4. A self is a repertoire of behavior appropriate to a given set of contingencies. 1
5. A slender 26-year-old from Japan who is the undefeated champion in hot-dog eating competitions has broadened his repertoire, wowing an American crowd by munching 69 hamburgers in eight minutes. 1
6. A total comprehensive view was now available complete with a repertoire of techniques for implementation. 1
7. Ackroyd's truest prose occurs when he applies himself to the imitation of ancient and recent writers - a repertoire of others. 1
8. All offered plays are repertoire of Peking Opera that are carefully selected. 1
9. An actor has to build a character and extend his own emotional repertoire. 1
10. Another parser named space _ p is included in Spirit's repertoire of predefined parsers. 1
11. As evolution progresses, more and more features of resemblance are added to the repertoire of the insects. 1
12. As in his recordings of the last three Tchaikovsky Symphonies, Klemperer reveals a temperamental antipathy towards excessive emotionalism in Romantic repertoire. 1
13. As the original movie, "the signboard repertoire up" in Chinese edition of the musical theme songs in the reserves of the important position. 1
14. At this stage, yet another set of variations in the cuckoo's virtuoso repertoire of adaptations comes into play. 1
15. Begin with small Smarty adaptations and expand your repertoire as needs dictate and you grow more proficient. 1
16. Books like these contain much music which is transitory but include insufficient hymnody from the traditional repertoire. 1
17. But perhaps most important, a cooking repertoire of three basic recipes can get anyone into the kitchen and beyond the realm of takeout food, microwaved popcorn and bologna sandwiches in a few days. 1
18. But to be truly livable a city requires a rich repertoire of urban housing. 1
19. Can choose bright - coloured, through large repertoire and clear screen admire. 1
20. Consequently, there is a trend towards a wider and rather more secular choice of repertoire. 1
21. Daniel Oates has invented a repertoire of three-dimensional cartoon characters to populate his work. 1
22. Euripides' satire on the paranoia of the idealist has always been the cult play of the Attic repertoire. 1
23. Every general-purpose computer has its own unique instruction repertoire. 1
24. Gradually you should be able to phase out the tangible reinforcers when tantrums are no longer a major part of her repertoire. 1
25. Having a limited repertoire of genes to focus on will "hopefully speed up the development of new therapies for leishmaniasis", he says. 1
26. He had time to amass a large repertoire of 32 concertos and many dozens of solo works. 1
27. He has a wide repertoire of dirty jokes. 1
28. He has added considerably to his piano repertoire. 1
29. He remembers a culinary repertoire consisting of kippers alternating with macaroni in tomato sauce. 1
30. Her declared love of cakes has become an established part of her repertoire. 1

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