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# Sentence Times
1. A country can also derive export revenue from service income, e.g. shipping and tourism, together with remittances from overseas workers. 1
2. A foreign joint venturer shall be encouraged to deposit in the Bank of China foreign exchange that it is entitled to remit abroad. 1
3. A foreign party to a joint enterprise may legally remit abroad its dividends paid in accordance with its investment proportion, or the dividends may be reinvested in China. 1
4. A prompt remittance would be appreciated. 1
5. A taxpayer or withholder may handle the tax filing or send the statement of the remitted and withheld or collected and remitted taxes by post or data message. 2
6. A telegraphic transfer is the quickest and most efficient remittance method available. 1
7. A telegraphic transfer is the quickest most efficient remittance method available. 1
8. A year later, the new government, having learnt the lesson the hard way, lifted the freeze on profit remittances. 1
9. A: Please fill in the remittance slip in triplicate. 1
10. Accept An to pay coherent, shellfish treasure, post office and bank remittance. 1
11. After approval, relevant remitting procedures shall be gone through in line with stipulations of the State Council on the management of foreign exchanges used for investment in foreign countries. 1
12. All convertible foreign exchange remitted, brought or mailed into the territory from abroad may be deposited in the foreign exchange accounts. 1
13. Although the move was defeated and the renationalisation policy endorsed, party members voted to remit the controversial proposal for further consideration. 1
14. An inward remittance is where a foreign bank sends funds to a domestic bank with an instruction for the bank to pay the funds to the payee. 1
15. And " Ji Lie " series is remittent green transparent, the towel be clear at a glance below the stage, toilet glass can regard as unexpectedly systemic lens. 1
16. And you can make a comment after check-in. if you make remittance, please inform our service center by phone or fax and keep your receipt well. 1
17. Any organization or individual shall not alter the budget accounts or budget levels of tax, surcharge on tax in arrears and penalties that have already been remitted to the State treasury. 1
18. Apart from wire transfers, postal remittances should all come in the form of postal money orders or postal gift coupons. 1
19. Apparently the intention of the testator is to remit a debt, so this is in effect a bequest of liberatio. 1
20. Application fee receipt : NT$1,600 / US$60. (Including postage fee) Should the application fee be remitted to the university account, please enclose a copy of Bank Telegram Transfer receipt . 1
21. Article 10 The lockup period of a QFII's investment funds shall be calculated from the date when its first inward remittance of investment principal is made. 1
22. Article 37 A QDII shall report to the SAFE the use of its quota as well as the outward and inward remittance of capital in a regular manner. 1
23. As an importer, we think remittance against documents is safer. 1
24. As we have seen, it is not the remit of the modern artist to make facsimiles of nature. 1
25. Assisting ocw to remit money. 1
26. Be the money that goes from public debt remit want invoice? 1
27. Beijing visitors: We Wuhuanyinei Songpiao your home free charge, to vote on - line payment or remittance. 1
28. Bimonthly, remit financial project report following the company control system. 1
29. But problems remain in connection with the scope of the tribunal's remit. 1
30. But stations particularly unstaffed appear not to fall within its remit. 1

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