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1. "I envision that vaccine approaches like this could be useful as maintenance therapy, " says Kwak. "We would use chemotherapy and surgery to debulk the tumor and then vaccinate to maintain remission." 1
2. "They go to the medicine man to be cured, so if they don't get full remission from a psychiatrist's treatment, they won't come back, " he said. 1
3. A complete remission has been achieved; follow up was uneventful until current admission. 1
4. A complete remission was defined as the resolution of clinical, radiological, and endoscopic evidence of disease. 1
5. A partial remission was considered as a reduction in tumour mass of 50%. 1
6. After 26 weeks of treatment, patients getting the combination had a 57% chance of disease remission, compared to 44% of those getting Remicade alone and to 30% of those getting azathioprine alone. 1
7. After antiepileptic drug withdrawal during remission, relapse rate was 79.9% overall, and it was 93.6% for patients with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. 1
8. After five years in remission, he will be considered cured. 1
9. After five years of chemotherapy her thyroid cancer went into remission, though she still has to have annual checks. 1
10. After six years of remission, cancer reappeared. 1
11. Again, it would be remiss of me to say outside of the inquiry what happened. But they are pursuing the matter and hopefully the truth will come out. 1
12. All five patients receiving oral cyclosporin had a remission but relapse occurred within three months of discontinuing the drug. 1
13. All patients with ulcerative colitis were in clinical remission and had normal levels of haemoglobin, C-reactive protein, and serum orosomucoid. 1
14. All these parameters were normal in patients with Crohn's disease in remission and in controls. 1
15. Almost all affected twins were in clinical remission. 1
16. Already there was widespread agreement that clozapine had exceptional properties, with some spectacular remissions even in long-term patients. 1
17. Also, treatment was considered unsuccessful when clinical remission was not achieved after four weeks. 1
18. Although some patients with membranous nephropathy achiee spontaneous remission, renal function continues to deteriorate in others. 1
19. Although the patients in remission showed a slightly higher absorption of PEGs, this rise was not statistically significant. 1
20. Although the patients in remission showed a slightly higher absorption of PEGs,(This website/absorption.html) this rise was not statistically significant. 1
21. Among these patients, 69% achieved remission with the combination treatment compared to 57% of those on Remicade alone and to 28% of those on azathioprine alone. 1
22. At remission period, we applied Yupingfeng powder to treat the patients (treatment group. 1
23. Both symptoms were due to thyrotoxicosis , thus treatment with anti-thyroid medication led to regression of gynecomastia and hypokalemic paralysis as well as remission of thyrotoxic symptoms. 1
24. Brain scans have confirmed that the disease is in remission. 1
25. But as a model prisoner he was back on the streets within three years after remission for good behaviour. 1
26. Cancer vaccines can cause an advanced tumor to shrink while patients with a poor prognosis can remain in remission. 1
27. Christ charged His disciples to preach the remission of sins in His name among all nations; but they themselves were not empowered to remove one stain of sin. 1
28. Chronic nonspecific ulcerative colitis is a disease with exacerbations and remissions. 1
29. Complete remission was obtained in six patients including four treated with cyclophosphamide, with a follow up ranging from 1.5-7 years. 1
30. Conclusion Acupuncture has obvious analgesic effect on no - premonitory migraine at remission stage. 1

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