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1. A freighter turned turtle off the city's main dock and bullet-strewn buildings on the foreshore are reminders that this was recently a city at war. 1
2. And in one of the few reminders of Jackson's darkest hours, a New York congressman branded Jackson a "pervert" undeserving of so much attention. 1
3. Another box in the garage is full of other reminders of past coughing fits and tight corsets that probably prevented hernias. 1
4. As she commented angrily to friends later, she could not see why Charles needed these constant reminders of Camilla. 1
5. At Forty-second Street stand the twin apartment towers of Manhattan Plaza, grim reminders of two more miserable affairs. 1
6. Both programmers work closely together, chatting the whole time, jotting down reminders of things to do, and pointing out pieces of code on the screen. 1
7. But the most haunting reminders of the massacre are the hope-filled faces of the young victims that stare out at every passerby. 1
8. But when addressing the subject of wealth there are a couple of reminders. 1
9. By contrast, the manufacturers of ammonium nitrate fertiliser have always manfully ignored its explosive properties, despite frequent forceful reminders. 1
10. Change: Enabled hourly chime and sound reminders in flip open mode. 1
11. Children begin to expect nagging and frequent reminders, sarcasm, and threats. 1
12. Driver and front passenger seatbelt reminders and daytime running lights are also standard equipment. 1
13. Eventually they paid up, but only after receiving several reminders. 1
14. Four were circulars - two were reminders that his subscriptions to a book club and the golf club were overdue. 1
15. Foursquare provides a unique opportunity for any business to add location-based tips and reminders for their "friends" and other users who happen to see the tips in their apps. 1
16. Frightening thoughts, but ones that serve as sobering reminders of the need to protect your loved ones with life insurance. 1
17. Gone too are sources of social difficulty, human reminders of festering disagreements and failed love affairs. 1
18. He indicated that a vigorous recovery programme was being carried out 90,000 reminders had been issued and thousands of summonses sent. 1
19. He will suddenly begin bathing without reminders , lengthily combing his hair before setting out for school instead of merely running the comb — or more likely, his fingers — through it. 1
20. Here are fine reminders of the tenacity of the Baroque style. 1
21. Holidays are a reaffirmation of our families, and reminders of their imperfections. 1
22. However, outside your sitting room thousands of wartime military installations still survive as historically important reminders of Britain's epic struggle. 1
23. I prefer a rendezvous without any reminders of the modern era at all, but there can be some leeway. 1
24. In addition, the survivors are inevitably sur-rounded with the painful and grotesque reminders of the recent violence. 1
25. It is useful to minimize the reminders and lectures. 1
26. Living with other severely handicapped people, Mother also had plenty of reminders of the fragility of her existence. 1
27. Most people shudder at the sight of the crane-topped skeletons of unfinished skyscrapers – reminders of an economic disaster that is still spreading. 1
28. Mr Lawssi apparently did not return the money, despite repeated reminders. 1
29. On the walls are reminders of the company's past, including photos of the 1953 Corvette. 1
30. One of the negative reminders of Watergate is that the highest officials of government often are above the law. 1



  - a thing that causes someone to remember something.


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