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# Sentence Times
1. "There's massive interest compared to a few years ago, " said Stephen Parnell of WhichEB5, a consultancy that started as a relocation service and now focuses almost exclusively on EB-5 visas. 1
2. A process of dynamic relocation in which contiguous segments are moved to one end of the memory to combine all unused storage at the other end. 1
3. A section at the end looks at relocation allowances offered to new recruits who have to move to take up an appointment. 1
4. A suitable relocation compensation and benefits package also needs to be provided. 1
5. Additionally there is a comprehensive benefits package that will include relocation expenses if needed. 1
6. African music continued to be heard, including the use of drums, rattles and contrapuntal vocals, with the musical influences swinging wide on the hinge of forced relocation. 1
7. After the end of the Seminole Wars in 1842, the Seminoles faced relocation to Indian territory near Oklahoma. 1
8. After the incident, Indonesia Ambassador to ROK embassy door Nicolas La Sida website issued a statement denying relocation information. 1
9. After the relocation of companies to settle in Johnston County Lo, and of a mosque. 1
10. Alternatively, they may employ an independent third party, such as a relocation company, to undertake this task. 1
11. And in other administrative areas, such as personnel and accounts, most of the supervisory and long-term experienced people opted for relocation. 1
12. Arriving persons were told that they were merely at a transit stop for relocation further east or at a work camp. 1
13. As a whole, the relocation seems to have been beneficial. 1
14. Because the ELF objects are based at offset 0 (until relocation), the convenience variables include the relative offset into the temporary memory block. 0
15. Before taking any decision to relocate, organisations should consider carefully whether relocation is the answer to their problems. 1
16. Builds five city civic building relocation estimate organization alternative storehouse. 1
17. But collegiate relationships dissolve mostly because of relocation. 1
18. But many fans have said no to perhaps the biggest potential moneyspinner a club can indulge in, relocation. 1
19. But property acquisition, demolition, and relocation activities were progressing well in the Booker Washington project. 1
20. Children at Sunday school class, Manzanar relocation Center, California. 1
21. Communication Sun Life appointed a relocation officer at executive level who reported directly to the company's general manager. 1
22. Companies may arrange such loans through a third party - for instance, through the relocation company. 1
23. Despite the inclement weather, this critical phase of the relocation exercise was completed successfully. 1
24. Employee Attitudes to relocation A lack of knowledge about employees' willingness to move can disrupt the most carefully laid relocation plans. 2
25. Employee attitudes towards a move may be made more favourable if the employer allows the relocation to take place during school holidays. 1
26. Even a one-meter rise in sea level would inundate half of Bangladesh's rice-growing land, forcing the relocation of 40 million people. 1
27. Even since the war industrial relocation schemes for rural areas have been half-hearted and inadequate. 1
28. Even without the relocation factor, some people are just not natural social butterflies and as a result, find it tough to have many friends no matter where they live. 1
29. For its new premises in relocation to inconvenience ntact you of disputes! 1
30. For now, the question of a relocation will be a matter for the courts. 1





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