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# Sentence Times
1. Before Buddha there were religions but never a pure religiousness. Man was not yet mature. 1
2. But there is an Enormous Illusion named "Christendom" in religiousness A, it needs to leap to religiousness B by "the Absolute Paradox". 2
3. Coffee was put in a little white china cup, which is even thicker compared with the thin one popular in China and really gives you a feeling of steadiness and religiousness. 1
4. Discontent with this secular tendency, Russian philosophy relives the theme of religiousness of philosophy, which is embodied not only by its problem awareness but also its unique method. 1
5. Due to religiousness A is the perpetual basis of all religions and the situation of Kierkegaard's self-consciousness, it occupied most weight of "Kierkegaardianism" and worked upon best. 1
6. His care in observing the rules of good health amounted to a kind of religiousness. 1
7. His religiousness is dialectically related to his sinfulness. 1
8. However we have heard and even experienced it ourselves that religiousness is just another kind of burden. 1
9. However, psychoanalysis has proved that either in ancient times or in modern times, money and its corresponding system are both stemmed from irrationality, religiousness and uselessness. 1
10. I never stood by the bedside of a godly man who reposed any confidence whatever in his own prayers, or repentance, or religiousness. 1
11. In addition, as for the approach of religious dialogue, Hick emphasized philosophical dialectics; while Panikkar stuck to religiousness as his firm stand and the religious meanings of dialogue. 1
12. In your vision, is charity a part of religiousness? 1
13. Is one of the most essential parts of religiousness . 1
14. The developmental trend of religiousness has differences on gender and grade of the Muslim adolescents who live in the local minority municipality. 1
15. The discussion about the question whether Confucianism is a kind of religion and Confucian religiousness, is one of most important events in the Confucian history of 20th century. 1
16. The fear of the Lord is the religiousness of knowledge. 1
17. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists ... is at the center of true religiousness . 1
18. We can realize its religiousness through significance of the sacrifice explained by Confucian Dong Zhongshu. 1
19. What is the nature of Confucian religiousness? 1
20. When words like justice, religiousness , virtue, wisdom, etc. were used by others, he would ask the speaker to explain them and then dissect the answers to show how they wrong or illogical. 1

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