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# Sentence Times
1. "When you have a combination of cultural relevance and wittiness and cultural appeal, people respond, " Kersten says of the shirts' raging success. 1
2. A bank's decision must be based upon the relevance and usefulness of promotional campaigns. 1
3. A definitive and concise statement on democratic transition and consolidation with contemporary relevance and applicability. 1
4. A finding is reported that the reconciliation information between the CAS and IAS has the incremental value relevance. 1
5. A reasoned discussion of the theory of psychoanalysis and its possible relevance to sociological theory is a major omission in sociological literature. 1
6. A simple query will return a list of results, products that have been sorted by relevance to the given keyword(s or popularity. 1
7. A simple query will return a list of results, products that have been sorted by relevance to the given keyword(s), price, rating, available discounts, or popularity. 1
8. A study of this kind has relevance for attempts to provide new forms of living environments for other client groups. 1
9. A superficial reading of this passage might suggest little practical relevance for present-day dealings in employment situations. 1
10. Accessory Atrioventricular Myocardial Connections in the Developing Human Heart: relevance for Perinatal Supraventricular Tachycardias. 1
11. According to relevance Theory, reading comprehension is an ostensive - inferential and dynamic process. 1
12. According to the relevance analysis of CO Concentration and air ventilation rates, There is strong negative correlation between them. 1
13. Accordingly, the main thrust of this study is twofold: 1. Introduce a new theory ---- relevance Theory ----into the field of technical translation, 2. 1
14. Additionally, the lack of a common understanding of the relevance of information between technical and business users affects the usefulness of delivered information. 1
15. Adopting the algorithm of conditional probability of random events, the coefficient of conditional connection between failure models may be introduced to show the failure relevance between structures. 1
16. Also, if you are a member of your employer's occupational pension scheme, these changes are of little relevance. 1
17. Although of limited relevance to modern societies, it serves to introduce some of the crucial questions. 1
18. An analysis of the value of electronic network evidence should be based on its features with its usability and relevance as emphasis. 1
19. And is that aspect somehow unique to Communism, and of little relevance to non-Communist societies? 1
20. And the relevance of Northern Ireland to the subversion of democracy in Britain remains mystified. 1
21. And there is the question of the relevance of the trading of information in the first place. 1
22. Another task is to initiate research of particular relevance to policy issues and to examine existing and proposal policy initiatives on employment. 1
23. Applied linguistics in this sense must be practised by teachers too if it is to have any effective operational relevance at all. 1
24. Article 12 In the performance of their duties, personnel of a futures exchange shall recuse themselves whenever encountering circumstances of material relevance to themselves or their relatives. 1
25. As a new theory of communication interpretation, relevance Theorys unique approach to communication is a domain worthy to be penetratingly explored. 1
26. As an ex - ante information, while having relevance, earnings forecasts contain uncertainty naturally. 1
27. As I have suggested, the corrections that are made in unplanned discourse are also made in the pursuit of optimal relevance. 1
28. As to the "one to one perspective" it tells something about industry relevance, the divisibility of the target resources, management costs, synergies persistence and transaction uncertainty. 1
29. Astrometry is the earliest astronomy developed discipline, study of celestial bodies because it can provide basic information on the movement and its relevance for the community life services. 1
30. At the time, like most young people, I regarded this proverb as an old wive's tale with no relevance to my own life. 1





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