Relayed Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "We wouldn't sell to Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea, and we have relayed that to the agent. "We have told him that in no uncertain terms. I couldn't have been clearer about it. 1
2. A large electronic price board displays current in-house information in the Exchange, which is relayed to outside agencies. 1
3. And this acrobatic, multimedia performance termed “the Butterfly Effect” relayed age old messages of dark forces battling the light and evil versus good. 1
4. At 11.10 pm , automatic messages relayed by the jetliner indicated the autopilot had disengaged. 1
5. Dirks relayed this news to some of his clients, who sold Equity Funding Corps shares before the fraud was publicly disclosed. 1
6. Evans had relayed some hair-raising stories about the exploitation of her rich patients. 1
7. Every time I relayed this story, there will always be some people laughing gas fork. 1
8. He quickly relayed this news to the other members of staff. 1
9. He relayed the message to his boss. 1
10. He repeated the other details about the shipment of cocaine, as relayed to him by the mysterious informant the previous night. 1
11. I was told the news first and then I relayed it to the others. 1
12. In ancient times the messages were relayed from one place to another. 1
13. Instead, the questions are relayed by a chat moderator, and a typist enters the replies. 1
14. Instructions were relayed to him by phone. 1
15. Internal injuries are detected through magnetic forces which are then relayed on to computer screens. 1
16. New Zealand relayed the news to China on Sept. 9. 1
17. Pontine nucleus ( PN ) is the most important relayed nucleus between cerebrum and cerebellum. 1
18. She relayed several more messages, conveying by her voice that she thought it was time he appeared in his office. 1
19. Terry relayed the offer to his boss. 1
20. The 45-minute ecumenical memorial service was relayed by loudspeakers to a further 200 huddled in the cold outside. 1
21. The broadcasts were relayed by satellite. 1
22. The concert will be relayed to a worldwide television audience estimated at one thousand million. 1
23. The controller is for computing directional control information based on the relayed positional information points. 1
24. The frame is completely received before it is relayed as the Frame Check Sequence (FCS) is to be calculated and the frame discarded if in error. 1
25. The game was relayed by satellite to audiences all over the world. 1
26. The ground is being pulled up and relayed in stages. 1
27. The pop festival was relayed all round the world. 1
28. The priest relayed the directions, spitting out the words as if they were poison. 1
29. The program is being relayed by satellite. 1
30. The signal transmitted between the end facilities is relayed around the obstruction by the repeater. 1

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