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# Sentence Times
1. ("It'll feel like you're giving yourself a double chin," says Queiros.) Feel the stretch in the back of your skull and then relax. 1
2. "In the Persian Gulf War, we didn't have these medications, so our basic philosophy was 'three hots and a cot'" — giving stressed troops a little rest and relaxation to see if they improved. 1
3. "Moms who think they caused their child's milk allergy or egg allergy by introducing these foods too soon can relax, " he says. "We don't have the evidence to put moms on a guilt trip. 1
4. "The soldier saw Du Du and ground of relaxation already up scatter of white plastic cloth, surprisedly say, " your boy will harm to kill our everyone! " 1
5. "the vehicle race treasure" the trials, the automobile paste the membrane big game, lets the audience enjoy relaxedly automobile the pleasure which brings to the life. 1
6. "We immediately evacuated the visitors and tried to locate the cats before tranquilising one of them relaxing by the side of a pool inside the zoo, " he added. 1
7. A banana is like a natural sleeping pill. Besides containing melatonin and serotonin in small quantities, a banana also contains Magnesium, material that can stimulate muscle relaxant. 1
8. A bath can relax tense muscles. 1
9. A bipolaron microscopic model is proposed in this paper to interpret theoretically the Raman scattering data in cis-polyacetylene on the basis of lattice relaxation theory. 1
10. A bit of music will help you relax. 1
11. A doctor may prescribe a suitable muscle relaxant and he will check to ensure that there are no underlying problems causing the cramps. 1
12. A failed attempt to relax at bedtime causes more anxiety and can condition you to associate relaxation techniques with insomnia. 2
13. A few moments of relaxation can work wonders. 1
14. A few years later , however, the Court relaxed this seemingly stringent requirement. 1
15. A follow-up study that looks at the long-term effects of transcendental meditation and muscle relaxation is expected to be completed in August. 1
16. A fully licensed bar and restaurant with magnificent sea views can ensure a relaxed atmosphere. 1
17. A gentle form of exercise will increase your ability to relax. 1
18. A glass of banana and kiwifruit juice before bedtime can kick start your parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing you and helping you get some sleep. 1
19. A good choice for a relaxing holiday. 1
20. A good kungfu man never stands rigidly; his posture has to appear natural and relaxed. 1
21. A good massage always relaxes me. 1
22. A good massage will relax your tired muscles. 1
23. A holiday will help you relax after your exams. 1
24. A home movie showing a relaxed Marilyn Monroe apparently smoking marijuana has surfaced, retrieved from an attic some 50 years after it was filmed. 1
25. A hot bath should help to relax you. 1
26. A koala is lazy, and It'sleeps and relaxes 20 hours every day. 1
27. A large airy lounge and adjoining deck make ideal places to relax after a day of hiking. 1
28. A massage will relax those tense muscles. 1
29. A more relaxed regime and regular work lends the inmates a dignity not seen in other prisons. 1
30. A more spaced-out schedule is much more relaxing than a cramped one. 1

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