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# Sentence Times
1. " The dog attacked rejected mice suggested:" you all get out, if the owner found less meat, some suspects that I ate, then I will become the meat on the chopping board. 1
2. "Now, in many places, neoliberalism has been rejected because it was not successful,(This website/neoliberalism.html)" Garcia said. 1
3. A 19 th century French movement that rejected realism and expre ed subjective visio through evocative images. 1
4. A bag of wind can be rejected in a job interview. 1
5. A big rubber stamp slams down: " rejected. " 1
6. A call for a vote of no-confidence in the president was rejected. 1
7. A Chinese-born patient at a hospital in New London, Conn., had her medical insurance claim rejected because nurses put down her husband's last name when she was admitted instead of her own. 1
8. A City of London County Court judge rejected the jail application on a legal technicality. 1
9. A court in Holland rejected a call by social services to extend Laura Dekker’s supervision order because of fears for her ‘social and emotional wellbeing’. 1
10. A design team rejected the aerospike concept as too risky. 1
11. A differently composes Court of Appeal rejected an appeal by the local authority on the substantive questions. 1
12. A fallible observation statement might be rejected and the fallible theory with which it clashes retained. 1
13. A few days later the Ulster Unionist Council rejected the Sunningdale proposals by 427 votes to 374. 1
14. A few of the suggestions about the deployment of furniture were fairly generally rejected. 1
15. A jury has rejected the spurious claim that the police created evidence. 1
16. A parable coming out, of a fool's mouth shall be rejected: for he doth not speak it in due season. 0
17. A proposed cut in the securities stamp tax was also rejected. 1
18. A radical criminology which appears to deny this will be seen as callous and rightly rejected. 1
19. A radical criminology which appears to deny this will be seen as naive and rightly rejected. 1
20. A request by the ICC's chief prosecutor for a further indictment for genocide was rejected in a split decision by the presiding judges. 1
21. A similar proposal, brought by a shareholders rights group, was approved narrowly last year but rejected by the board. 1
22. A somewhat more modest proposal for an Organization for Trade Cooperation was rejected by Congress in 1955, and thus the GATT became by default the central agreement. 1
23. A Spanish judge rejected the suit on procedural grounds. 1
24. A spokesman for Pakistan's foreign ministry (Abdul Basit) rejected Mr. Cameron's remarks, telling the BBC the comments were based on claims that are "unverifiable." 1
25. A structural approach is rejected on the basis that it is unable to capture the creativity of language. 1
26. A Submitter is allowed to reopen the Issue from the Withdrawn, Completed, or rejected states. 1
27. A Superior Court and state appeals court rejected her bid for parental rights. 1
28. A Superior Court and state appeals court rejected her bid for parental rights.This website 1
29. About half of the papers are rejected after being read by two editors without being sent for external peer review. 1
30. Accordingly the House rejected the committee's recommendations and ruled that the issuing of the libel writ was not a contempt. 1





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