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1. '' Some extremists will mourn bin Laden, and it is regrettable that he was not captured to stand trial for crimes for which he brazenly took credit. 1
2. '' Some extremists will mourn bin Laden, and it is regrettable that he was not captured to stand trial for crimes for which he brazenly took credit.This website/mourn.html 1
3. A person who does a regrettable action is often regretful afterwards. 1
4. Against that background, it is regrettable that the Opposition intend to move to deny the Bill a Second Reading this evening. 1
5. Any job losses are regrettable. 1
6. As praise costs so little, this is a regrettable finding to emerge from studies of parent-child relationships. 1
7. Contemplate the fact that you might have made a regrettable, but somewhat explainable decision then. 1
8. Even my highly regrettable tendency to react positively whenever the fridge door is opened was proof against that. 1
9. Even those regrettable types seemed trivial enough to be laughed out of sight -- and forgotten. 1
10. Flaherty had hinted on Thursday the report would be grim, saying the job numbers would be "very regrettable" and there was a risk that Canada's recession would get much worse. 0
11. For a regrettable number, emotional instability and spiritual confusion remain long after the physical bruises have faded. 1
12. He neither showed nor expressed any grief at this regrettable development. 1
13. He spoke of this as a regrettable lapse into political exoticism on his part. 1
14. Her rudeness was most / highly regrettable. 1
15. Here they still appear as regrettable or puzzling distractions. 1
16. His tiredness caused him to make a regrettable error. 1
17. If the practice of subsidising denominational schools is regrettable, in Northern Ireland it is catastrophic. 1
18. Instead, another regrettable aspect of her personality impelled her to smile specially at this man. 1
19. It is highly regrettable that the minister cannot be here in person. 1
20. It is regrettable that he doesn't follow your instruction. 1
21. It is regrettable that our appeal a dead letter. 1
22. It is regrettable that our appeal remained a dead letter. 1
23. It is regrettable that strike leaders seem intent on spoiling holidays. 1
24. It is regrettable that the police were not informed sooner. 1
25. It is regrettable that the War of Rage cut them off from these former allies, yet the knowledge they learned still survives, if only in a bastardized and diminished form. 1
26. It is regrettable that we never speak seriously. 1
27. It is regrettable that... 1
28. It is regrettable the current economic crisis for many training enterprises and ring the death Bell. 1
29. It was a regrettable incident but I now consider the matter closed. 1
30. It was regrettable that the single justice had been advised that there was no need to pay regard to Meikle. 1

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