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1. A popular misconception among reformation students is that Luther affirmed and promoted "consubstantiation, " but neither Luther nor the Lutheran church ever accepted that term. 1
2. A reformation in the orchestra took place in 1997, a new "Music Season" system was introduced, which lead GSO toward a direction of professionalism. 1
3. A wander's repose or a sinner's reformation should never depend on a fellow - creature. 1
4. Active innovative undertaking activities bring forward a large number of medium and small enterprises, accelerate technology innovation and reformation, and solve a lot of employment problem. 1
5. Administrative Pattern is the end condition of administrative system reformation. 1
6. Advanced classes study the classical works of the most influential writers of the Patristic, Medieval, reformation and Modern periods. 1
7. After Margaret Hilda Thatcher came into power, she promulgated a comprehensive reformation of market under the influence of the New Liberalism. 1
8. After reformation, ore - crushing size reduces obviously and Remarkable economic results have been achieved. 1
9. After the Great Geographical Discovery and Religious reformation in Europe, A lot of the Society of Jesus missionary came to China in Ming and Qing dynasty. 1
10. After the protestant reformation British churches no longer allowed prayers for souls in purgatory, so All Hallows Eve lost most of its associations with the spirits of the dead. 1
11. After the reformation several were ordained in the Anglican Church while others became active Nonconformists. 1
12. After the reformation the monasteries were largely destroyed or fell into ruin. 1
13. After the reformation, many Catholics recanted to avoid punishment. 1
14. After the reformation, Protestants broke away from Catholicism. 1
15. After the reformation, the system realizes the aim of lowering drainage and shifting peak load. 1
16. Aiming at presently nonstandard government income pattern, that is "fee bigger than tax" , the "fee to tax" is a reformation assignment and a policy opinion. 1
17. Almost losing his life in his effort at reformation, Andrew joined the Theatines. 1
18. Along with the technique reformation of the mine and the exaltation of the production abilities, the drainage ability of the original central pump house of water can't satisfy it. 1
19. An important reformation to the phase de modulation system for specific environment was introduced. 1
20. And the administration council achieves the combination of sub-enterprises and in-zone enterprises profit system from tax reformation and the supports of tax policy. 1
21. And then, it analyses the reasons that keeps American coal and electricity industry steady-going for a long time are its complete reformation to market and multiform management stratagems. 1
22. Application of electronic data processing accounting is inevitable outcome of accounting mechanism reformation and higher education development. 1
23. Application of optical transformer is a reformation for the traditional electric energy measurement device. 1
24. Appropritiate measures are presented for the technical reformation and technical management. 1
25. As for the pattern choice in the reformation and whether the course is quick or slow, intense or assuasive, not only depend on exterior, but also rest with oneself. 1
26. As the building of socialist market economy macroeconomy management system, production management system reformation in prison has become an important and necessitous assignment. 1
27. As the development of social economy, there is a great reformation in natural monopoly industry. 1
28. As the opening behavior in the justification behavior system, appropriate reformation of this issue is changing it to opening statement and providing clear outline for the justification. 1
29. As the philosophical echo of the times and the leading flag of the reformation and open-door policy, DENG's Theory advances with our times. 1
30. At model is erected. ordos basin developed from Mid - late Triassic to Early Cretaceous, then, underwent reformation. 1

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