Recursion Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A new BOM structure - double - separative BOM is presented based on mass customization. MRP's recursion algorithm is given. 1
2. A simple recursion formula can then be used to solve such a system. 1
3. A simple recursion relation is derived by means of the mathematical induction to calculate the frequencies of the complete transmission peaks. 1
4. An elementary proof of the Diophantine equation (The equation abbreviated) is given by using recursion sequence method. 1
5. Based on introducing briefly the development state of mathematical formula recognition, this paper puts forward a mathematical formula recognition model based on recursion strategy. 1
6. Based on parabolized stability equations, the stability of nonparallel boundary layer is calculated and analyzed by using recursion numerical method. 1
7. Based on the table of matrix element of spectrum decomposition, the Helmhotz matrix can be decomposed by recursion of the direct solution. 1
8. Because the DITA screen and uicontrol elements describe navigation controls (see Listing 1), traversing a path through the application becomes a matter of simple recursion. 1
9. By analyzing recursion relation of ladder resistance network, the formulas of calculating equivalent resistance and node voltages on ladder resistance network have been derived. 1
10. By exploring into the recursion relation of ladder resistance network(Sentence dictionary), the formulas of calculating equivalent resistance and node voltage on ladder resistance network have been derived. 1
11. By translating this real cubic system into a complex planar system, an applicable linear algebraic recursion formula of the equator and the first 6 quantities of the equator are given. 1
12. Complex implies just that, nonlinear implies recursion and higher mathematical algorithms, and dynamic implies nonconstant and nonperiodic. 1
13. Essentially, tail recursion eliminates the use of the call stack for recursion; thus, arbitrarily deep recursion is possible and avoids stack overflow. 2
14. Explains the concept of recursion and illustrates how to write recursive functions. 1
15. Finally, the article also produced in the collection value information similar relations in the processing incomplete information utilization, and derived its recursion formula. 1
16. first can peel off the first element of the list, and rest makes it easy to apply tail recursion -- the type of recursion in Listing 9 -- to the rest. 2
17. First, we determine which pixel may match with Gaussian distribution, then update the parameters of Gaussian model and rebuild background based on least squares by recursion. 1
18. For knapsack problem(which is a classical recursion problem), find its round solution which need not stack to support, then prove it exists parallel solutio. 1
19. For our example process, the recursion is infinite; Subprocess 3 always invokes Main Process again. 1
20. Forwarders are not available because this server does not use recursion. 1
21. Hanoi Tower is more classical recursion problem while designing program. 1
22. Hanoi Tower Problem is a typical recursion question, whose solution is mentioned in many books on computation, but there is little concrete realization for them. 1
23. Haskell has two primary advantages when dealing with recursion: Haskell optimizes tail recursion, and Haskell is lazy. 1
24. Hence, a method for noisy VSP wave field separation using iterative recursion filtering is presented, which introduces new convolution operator. 1
25. However, the use of convolution model is to deduce recursion formula of the reflection for the converted wave. 1
26. If so, then the current entry must be a folder, and you push its name and recursion level onto an auxiliary stack as well as adding it to the tree. 1
27. If you pass reveal( or "dot dot" (.., the parent directory), the recursion ends. 1
28. In Clojure, loop/recur indicates tail recursion and does not consume stack frames like other recursive calls. 1
29. In order to satisfy the balance of groundwater in many years, a punitive factor is introduced in recursion equation. 1
30. In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion. 2





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