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1. “I have two enemies, ” he said in a recent interview. “The crony capitalists and the Maoists. 1
2. “The prison break will slow down the peace process,” said Mullah Noorul Aziz Agha, a Taliban member who recently decided to lay down his arms and work with the government. 1
3. (Laughter.) Commerce Secretary Gary Locke recently traveled to Shanghai for the Pavilion's groundbreaking ceremony. 1
4. ''Here are the beginnings of fire and engineering, the origins of pyrotechnology, and the bridge to more recent ceramic and metal technology,'' said Mr Brown. 1
5. ''Until recently the capital , Nouakchott, was considered relatively immune to malaria because it was on the coast, near the sea, and because it had relatively little rainfall. 1
6. 'A' Company is going to develop one new product - centrifuge recently, which is their auxiliary products of product originally. 1
7. 'Just Do It' has become one of the most overused catch phrases in recent memory. 1
8. 'This "mind-reading" experiment, is quite a sensationalist term,' says Dr Demis Hassabis reflecting on the media response to a recent experiment, 'but it's not entirely incorrect either.' 1
9. " Public risks " is a recent term for distinctively high - tech hazards. 1
10. "All pig units must be regarded as being at risk," a recent joint mission of the European Community, FAO and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) to Armenia warned. 1
11. "From an evolutionary perspective, superstitions seem maladaptive," said Kevin Abbott, biologist at Carleton University in Ottawa and co-author of a recent study published in Animal Behavior. 1
12. "General Dynamics disagrees with this most recent decision and continues to believe that the government's default termination was not justified," the defense contractor said in a news release Tuesday. 1
13. "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe recently revealed that he suffers from a mild case of dyspraxia and sometimes has trouble tying his shoes or writing a thank you note. 1
14. "He does something academic humanists have not been doing well in recent years, " he said of a president who invokes Shakespeare and Faulkner, Lincoln and W. E. B. Du Bois. 1
15. "I met three sisters-in-law recently who were living together and all prostituting themselves, " she added. 1
16. "If you suspect this person lives in Kiev, " Mr. Nazario said, "I would look for someone who has recently reported repetitive stress injury symptoms." 1
17. "In short, recent data would suggest that Asia has begin to delink from the West in the sense of generating more internal demand for its own products," they said in a recent report. 2
18. "India needs to be more aggressive in pushing ahead hydro projects (on the Brahmaputra, told the Guardian during a recent visit to Beijing. 1
19. "India needs to be more aggressive in pushing ahead hydro projects (on the Brahmaputra), " Jairam Ramesh, the Indian environment minister, told the Guardian during a recent visit to Beijing. 1
20. "It's not just the automotive industry, " adds Gui, gesturing to a jet plane and a pyramid of beer bottles at a recent local trade show. "Every industry in Nanchang is prospering. 1
21. "It's remarkable, " says Steven Levy, author of the recently published book In the Plex, a look inside Google. 1
22. "Many investors see the public sector (banks) in some countries as posing a potential systemic risk and hence contingent liability for the sovereign," Goldman Sachs analysts wrote in a recent note. 1
23. "Mental confusion and erroneous ideas" about the anti-Gang struggle still exist, according to a recent broadcast from Kansu province. 1
24. "My husband used to insist that he wants a son, that's why I decided myself that I wanted to wait for a boy," Anu said in Marathi through a translator during a recent interview. 1
25. "Some of the recent attacks on horses in this area are enough to sicken anyone," a police spokesman said. 1
26. "Soyoil imports will rise as after the recent rally in palm oil prices, it has become cheaper than palm oil, " B. V. Mehta, executive director of Solvent Extractors' Association of India said. 1
27. "That's a topic which has come to the fore very much recently."— 'Indeed.'. 1
28. "The cultural enlightenment from excavating the tomb of Qinshi Huang will surpass the pyramids of Egypt, " Zhang Wuchang of Hong Kong University said in a recent article that has sparked the debate. 1
29. "The new find, together with other discoveries of recent years, shows that the city was considerably larger than what we previously estimated, " Yuval Baruch, Jerusalem district archaeologist, said. 1
30. "The Newseum is a memorial to what was", says Vina Lervisit, a young freelance journalist, during a recent visit. 1




recents (plural noun)

  - having happened, begun, or been done not long ago or not long before; belonging to a past period of time comparatively close to the present.

(the Recent)

  - the Holocene epoch.


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