Receipt Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "Bill of Lading" or "BL" means receipt given by the vessel for the coal shipment and is a document of title. 1
2. "ICHA" has right to withhold any lodgement if there are any account is overdue. All receipt and condition should refer to "ICHA" Australia standard. 1
3. "Warehouse receipt" means a receipt issued by a person engaged in the business of storing goods for hire. 1
4. A beady - eyed cashier called the manager, who demanded my thumbprint on the receipt. 1
5. A Car Visor receipt Holder – Wrap a few rubber bands around your car's driver-side sun visor. 1
6. A common platform between the communicant and receipt is needed, which is constituted of relevant information, it is also a " linguistic environment" for association between communicant and receipt. 2
7. A consumer whose legal rights and interests are harmed during the receipt of a service may demand compensation from the provider of that service. 1
8. A copy of the original bank receipt voucher evidencing payment of the registered capital or working capital. 1
9. A credit or alteration should not agree that the advising to a advantageousiary is codicillary upon the receipt by the advising bank or additional advising bank of its charges. 1
10. A credit or amendment should not stipulate that the advising to a beneficiary is conditional upon the receipt by the advising bank or second advising bank of its charges. 1
11. A creditor's receipt of these assets or services cancels the obligations. 1
12. A document issued by a carrier to a shipper, listing and acknowledging receipt of goods for transport and specifying terms of delivery. 1
13. A document used to effect delivery on a futures contract, such as a warehouse receipt or shipping certificate. 1
14. A forecast of estimated cash receipts and disbursements for a specified period of time. 1
15. A free raffle ticket is given with every receipt. 1
16. A good system for ordering and recording the receipt of all items is necessary and regular stock checks should be made. 1
17. A good time to add an item, of course, is when you buy it and the receipt is nearby. 1
18. A joint venture shall at least balance its foreign exchange receipt and payment. 1
19. A loan participation is a back-to-back arrangement where the lender of record manufactures payments to the participation party equal to receipts on the loan in return for funding or an indemnity. 1
20. A Lord can claim expenses without receipts or proof of expenditure for any day he attends when the Lords is in session. 1
21. A method is provided for determining a transmission rate of a control response frame for acknowledging data receipt in a wireless local area network. 1
22. A no - quibble, money - back guarantee for goods returned within 14 days of receipt. 1
23. A receipt shows that you paid an amount of money on a particular date. 1
24. A signed invoice presumes receipt of the shipment. 1
25. A trust receipt is a legal document that creates a lien on some specific item of inventory. 1
26. About the listing mode, many types could be defined like Direct Public Offering, Go Public through Buying a Shell, Depository receipt, Convertible Bonds and Private Placement etc. 1
27. According to a Disney press release, Toy Story 3 has officially eclipsed the 1 billion dollar mark in worldwide gross box office receipts – only the 7th film in history to do so. 1
28. Accordingly, the auditor notes in the working papers that controls over receipts are adequate. 1
29. Adams Media Research reported on Monday that U.S. box office receipts boomed to $9.87 billion in 2009 and overtook DVD and Blu-ray sales of $8.73 billion. 1
30. Advertising should be separate from the receipt information. 1

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