Ready Made Definition

# Sentence Times
1. And you have the framework of your story ready made for you, a great help to the beginner. 1
2. Are your clothes made to order or ready made? 1
3. Creative leadership, positive action with the special learner program is a ready made role. 1
4. In the first place, it was quite useless to preach ready made doctrine to them. 1
5. Is there any difference between ready made dresses and dresses made to order? 1
6. Is your overcoat made to order or ready made? 1
7. It is good practice to buy ready made treatments of Malathion because in large doses it can affect the human nervous system. 1
8. Neither does the inquirer need to come with a programme almost ready made wanting the centre only to book the air tickets. 1
9. One school is building an artifical otter holt to provide them with a ready made home. 1
10. Remember, after the war our themes were ready made. 1
11. Some ready made meals are nutritious and very easy to prepare. 1
12. Statuses too come ready made, and the range of choice among them is limited. 1
13. The paper discusses the method of how to improve the quality of ready made clothes after permanent press finish with the right finishing agent. 1
14. The result is a UML-based architectural description language with ready made tool support, so overcoming one of the main barriers to adopting many research-based ADLs (like xADL, Acme or Darwin). 1
15. The shop displays a range of ready made designer knitwear, machine accessories, motifs, haberdashery and so on. 1
16. We buy our food, like our clothing, ready made and off the rack. 1
17. We buy our food, like our clothing, ready made and off the rack. This website 1