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1. (Source; Voice of America news; issued May 29, 2007) Russia has successfully test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile and a tactical shorter range cruise missile. 1
2. 'Exercise' is a word which covers a vast range of activities. 1
3. 'The Excalibur is a combat-proven artillery round that gives the soldier precision guidance and extended range,' said Kevin Byrnes, Raytheon's vice president of Business Development-Army Executive. 1
4. " COM probe almost out of our range,'summer said.'slipstream space matrix collapse imminent. " 1
5. " We're giving up free range, getting organized, feathering our emotions. 1
6. "Even if it limits GEO600's sensitivity in some frequency range, it would be a price we would be happy to pay in return for the first detection of the graininess of space-time." he says. 1
7. "If they're quick, they can earn a nice sum, " Heydeck said of the men, who range from a student of 20 to a 72-year-old retired professor "with a real beard" now in his 28th season. 1
8. "It looks like we're stuck in this trading range, with the downside around 1,040 to 1,050 and upside capped by the 50-day moving average, which right now is around 1,127," he said. 1
9. "Q-39 provides image stabilization and advanced extended range processing," said Joseph Butera, Turreted Systems senior program manager at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. 1
10. "Senior managers with a wide range of experience sometimes have trouble articulating their niche, " Seidel observes. 1
11. "Sha tympany" sprang up in Qing dynasty with its range expanding rapidly and became the generic name of epidemics and unknown diseases. 1
12. "Solo" colour vector visualization. The image is shown in grey scale, while the selected ranges are shown in colour. 1
13. "Vers Libre" is a range of candle holders inspired by Dadaism and specifically by the woodcut fonts used around that time. 1
14. "We can see these platforms being used for a range of research projects which involve aerial photography, mapping, or the monitoring of our weather systems, " says Mr Bennett. 1
15. "When international visitors come to the United States they spend money on a wide range of goods and services that support U.S. jobs," said Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. 1
16. "With the inventory cycle heading into a small de-stocking phase and the overseas economy slowing, the range of the slowdown will possibly surpass expectations," the paper said on Thursday. 1
17. A band of caribou passed by, twenty and odd animals, tantalizingly within rifle range. 1
18. A band of caribou passed by, twenty and odd animals, tantalizingly within rifle range.This website 1
19. A basilisk stays at range and targets its enemies with sleep. 1
20. A biotechnology company is developing a range of new pesticide based on naturally occurring toxin. 1
21. A bitter smile crossed his face as his eyes ranged over the top men in the giant corporation. 1
22. A broad range of issues was discussed. 1
23. A broadband infrared grating scan spectral radiometer, whose measurement range is 1~20 μ m, has been developed. 1
24. A bullet can bring withy breakdown because of its energy in a small range, on a layer of the layer in the flexibility to play outside, and when to shatter the bullet not to interfere. 1
25. A calibration curve of F4/203A type manganin pressure gauge has been established through a set of impact loading experiments in 2-19 Gpa stress range. 1
26. A capillary gas chromatography method for determination furfuryl alcohol was established through studying correction factors and range of sample size. 1
27. A catalog of waveshapes can be built up for a wide range of layering configurations. 1
28. A cheaper range of products was introduced to plug the gap at the lower end of the market. 1
29. A city of central Oregon at the eastern foot of the Cascade range east of Eugene. Lumbering and tourism are important to its economy. Population, 20,4'9. 1
30. A city of northeast Minnesota in the Mesabi range northwest of Duluth. Its mining industry was at its peak in1917, when the town was moved3.2 km(2 mi) south to make room for a huge open-pit iron mine. 1

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