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# Sentence Times
1. A charr would have little opportunity to meet the peace-loving quaggan, as quaggan are sea-creatures and Ascalon has no coastal territory. 2
2. Afghanistan: Can the U.S. Avoid a Quagmire? 0
3. After the rain, the football pitch is a real quagmire. 1
4. Another potential quagmire is foreign policy. 1
5. At the end of the match, the pitch was a real quagmire. 1
6. Because of the confusion caused by the indiscriminate use of the term "Quagga" for any zebra, the true Quagga was hunted to extinction without this being realized until many years later. 0
7. But the prospect of hostage-taking opens up a new quagmire. 1
8. For the U.S., the war in Vietnam was a moral and military quagmire. 1
9. Glorious because they came away with a victory over Rosslyn Park ... but no thanks to the quagmire at the Kingsholm ground. 1
10. He dropped his head into his hands. Torrential rain was quickly turning the building-site into a quagmire. 1
11. He who tries to conceal his fault for fear of criticism will sink deeper and deeper in the quagmire of errors. 1
12. His people had fallen further and further into a quagmire of confusion. 1
13. I ensconced in the quagmire of life to find time for simple pleasures anymore. 1
14. I fell into a self, full of innocence a quagmire. 1
15. In early April it becomes a quagmire where people challenge their four-wheel-drives in the mud. 1
16. In the rainy season the roads become a quagmire. 1
17. In the wet months it could turn into a quagmire. 1
18. Indeed, the inter-connections of this penal trinity of population, capacity and conditions form the heart of the reform quagmire. 1
19. IT HAS become a public - relations quagmire and China is struggling to escape. 1
20. It may also distract its members from the present quagmire with legends of a storied past or promises of an ecstatic future. 1
21. Moreover, numerous agencies have the power to monitor and block shipments, creating a bureaucratic quagmire. 1
22. My wellingtons got stuck in a quagmire. 1
23. Now the bus lane turns into a muddy quagmire on rain days, while the winds after a summer drought kick up dust storms. 1
24. On their way was a quagmire which was difficult to get over. 1
25. Other names for bogs include mire, quagmire and muskeg. 1
26. Rain had turned the grass into a quagmire. 1
27. Rain has turned parts of the showground at Malvern into a quagmire. 1
28. Since the coup, the country has sunk deeper into a quagmire of violence and lawlessness. 1
29. Since the coup,(This website/sunk.html) the country has sunk deeper into a quagmire of violence and lawlessness. 1
30. So, while the game may have stories that focus on the quaggan, skritt, ogres, hylek, and grawl, a charr character chooses between grawl, skritt and ogres. 1




quags (plural noun)

  - a marshy or boggy place.


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