Pushy Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use pushy, so you can learn how to use pushy in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word pushy here, and see the words sound like or similar to pushy

# Sentence Times
1. "They were always witnessing and reaching out to others, " he says, "and yet they were never preachy, never pushy, it was just something I wanted to emulate." 1
2. A good salesman is polite, enthusiastic, and not too pushy. 1
3. A person who writes concise e-mail messages may seem impulsive, opportunistic, pushy, overbearing, foolish, or simply rude. 1
4. Back off - pushy persistence will not get you to first base. 1
5. Being pushy will backfire and leave you in an uncertain and awkward position. 1
6. Besides, some heads like to lord it over local parents - particularly over the pushy ones. 1
7. Beware of the inpidual who is pushy or coming on too strong. 1
8. But Lustgarten could not even hold his own with pushy people in a pissoir. 1
9. But she insisted and was very pushy. 1
10. CHILDREN have a lot to contend with these days, not least a tendency for their pushy parents to force-feed them omega-3 oils at every opportunity. 1
11. Don't appear to be pushy or overly anxious to get a job. 1
12. He expressed a lot of anger towards the pushy salesperson. 1
13. He made himself unpopular by being so pushy. 1
14. He tries to fend off these overeager and pushy friends without their feeling slighted. 1
15. He tries vto fend off these overeager and pushy friends without their feeling slighted. 1
16. He was pushy about it, and the ambulance man and woman felt it was easier that way. 1
17. He wasn't being pushy, he merely made a suggestion. 1
18. Her parents were never pushy although they encouraged her acting ambitions from an early age. 1
19. I don't want to pushy , but you'll have to decide soon. 1
20. I don't want to sound pushy, but you'll have to decide soon. 1
21. I'm not influenced by a pushy salesperson. 1
22. If your husband thinks you are a nymphomaniac or " pushy and aggressive" because you want sex twice a week. 1
23. It is the sub-plot that succeeds: wheelchair-bound Sir Clifford at home with his chess board and pushy housekeeper Mrs Bolton. 1
24. It sounds pushy, beginning every sentence with a verb like that. 1
25. It's hardly surprising that in retaliation many people regard the pushy salesperson with contempt. 1
26. Maybe they were being pushy, that's still no excuse for his childish, boorish behaviour. 1
27. Mitch: Be tactful. Customers don't like a pushy salesperson. 1
28. Mrs Crump was too pushy or too arch. 1
29. My mother encouraged us, but was never pushy. 1
30. My mother gave a bit of her mind to the pushy salesperson. 1

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