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1. A factory making armaments had been bombed the night before and a residential area not far away had been pulverized. 1
2. A new composite thermal insulation material is made taking haydite, scrap foam, cement and pulverized fuel ash as main raw material in definite proportion under normal temperature. 1
3. A towering red mist hung over them where the brick of the villages was pulverized by the bombardment. 1
4. Almost all large modern coal fired boilers utilize pulverized coal because pulverized coal burns approximately like oil or gas. 2
5. Also analysed was the effect of electrical load and the commissioning of pulverizer exhauster on gas parameter excursion in the high temperature superheater zone. 1
6. Also studied was the effect of the mixing mode of pulverized coal ash with the caustic lime on the SO 2 removal rate and the calcium utilization rate of the calcium based sorbent. 1
7. Alternatively ...A Swedish company, Promessa, will freeze-dry your body in liquid nitrogen, pulverize it with high-frequency vibrations, and seal the resulting powder in a cornstarch coffin. 1
8. An ignition stability index for pulverized coal(CI) has been contrived with IG-DTG analysis data. It comprehensively reflects the pulverized coal's ignition temperature and its combustion intensity. 2
9. And as Squyres had wondered, shavings of the ratted rock in the crater were indeed brick-red, typical of hematite when it is pulverized. 1
10. And as Squyres had wondered, shavings of the ratted rock in the crater were indeed brick-red,(This website/pulverized.html) typical of hematite when it is pulverized. 1
11. Any combination of these might be pulverized, capsulated and sold as "natural Viagra." 1
12. Any combination of these might be pulverized,(This website/capsulated.html) capsulated and sold as "natural Viagra." 1
13. As a result, the reduction efficiency of charcoal, anthracitic and bituminous are better than pulverized coke. 1
14. As a result, the reduction efficiency of charcoal, anthracitic coal and bituminous are better than pulverized coke. 1
15. By mixing pulverized coal ash with caustic lime in a drop tube furnace tests were conducted for enhancing SO 2 removal rate. 1
16. Cage type pulverizer is middle size horizontal cagebar pulverizer and can pulverizer varies fertilizers that is less than 6% water, especially harder rigidity matter. 3
17. Calculation showed that the isothermal combustion temperature of pulverized coal furnace and the fluidized bed temperature decreased when the steam load produced by the bark increased. 1
18. Combining with the project examples, the influence of burner setting angles on the combustion behavior of pulverized coal-fired boiler is analyzed. 1
19. Compared with conventional system, the system for conveying and combustion of high density pulverized coal has obvious advantages is aspects of transportation, combustion stabilization. 1
20. Destroy the skeleton, pulverize the bones. 1
21. Discharged from the air preheater hot air is divided into two units: a go Coal drying and conveying of pulverized coal, and the other shares directly into the combustion chamber . 1
22. Experiments were carried out on laboratory - scale pulverized coal combustion with different adsorbents. 1
23. F. injection are measured and the experimental studies on the pulverized bituminous and hard coal mixing-injection are made. 1
24. For pellet mill, extruder , hammer mill, pulverizer, crumbler, rotary screener. 1
25. Ginger is the pulverized dried root of Zanzibar officinale, grown in Jamaica, China, and India. 1
26. Gladstone had recommended chewing each bite thirty-two times, so Fletcher chewed every mouthful of food until it was pulverized into liquid. 1
27. Hammer - shape pulverizer adopts particular hammer - shape rotor, which has excellent pulverizing, elect , adapt to carbamide, monoammonium and so on. 1
28. He equated this with Beijing's demonstration of antisatellite technology that pulverized one of its own weather satellites in January 2007. 1
29. He has just been pulverized by a being from the other side of the galaxy and what does he do? 1
30. He pulverize the opposition with the force of his oratory. 1

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