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1. "Collectors are going after A-level material, " John Smiroldo, founder and publisher of Antiques and Fine Art, a bimonthly magazine based in Watertown, Mass., said of the auction and show scenes. 1
2. "He made it pretty clear from day one that he's an American first of all," said Hong Huang, the fashion magazine publisher. 1
3. "Ideally, we want to bring back this notion of beat-walking," said Mr. Yang, who is also a marketing consultant, a columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle and a former magazine publisher. 1
4. "The comments were not meant to disparage any company's products," stated the publisher. 1
5. "The importance of continuing the family line is eroding as China modernizes," says Hung Huang, a Beijing publisher who adopted a girl last year. 1
6. "This is beyond books, " said Paul Baggaley, publisher at rival firm Picador. "It has become an event which is a phenomenon." 1
7. "We all know that these companies are taking a loss and that's not going to continue forever, " said Jonathan Karp, publisher and editor in chief at Twelve, an imprint of the Hachette Book Group. 1
8. "Who's your publisher?" — "Lockett Press," she said, and she raised an eyebrow meaningfully. 1
9. A Book publisher may alter or abridge a work with the permission of the copyright owner. 1
10. A few years ago I was asked by a publisher to consider writing a novel, and the idea has been in cold storage ever since. 1
11. A kiss-and-tell look behind the scenes of a sport always turns heads with book publishers. 1
12. A listing of major factual book publishers may also be of help. 1
13. A lot of publishers are using such codes, but they can't be added frivolously for the cool factor. 1
14. A magazine publisher is trying to decide how many magazines she should deliver to each individual distribution outlet in order to maximize profits. 1
15. A major New York paperback publisher considered a reprint, Hutchinson said, but company honchos later changed their minds. 1
16. A music publisher will give writers an advance. 1
17. A new novel by Crichton had been tentatively scheduled to come out next month, but publisher HarperCollins said the book was postponed indefinitely. 1
18. A publishing sales representative is mainly home-based, with visits to schools to sell publishers' educational lines. 1
19. A reissue of this proclaimed novel, and Zimbabwean classic, that won both the Zimbabwe Book Publishers' Association first prize for literature, and the Noma Award for Publishing in Africa in 1989. 0
20. A similar move was recently pulled by a publisher who planned to purge Huck Finn's racial epithets in a forthcoming edition. 1
21. A source close to Bloomsbury, the publisher of the Harry Potter novels, said the company was also keen to adapt literary works to the new technology. 1
22. A subscriber can handle multiple events from multiple publishers. 1
23. Academic booksellers and publishers are facing a time of profound change. 1
24. Ad publishers must strictly true information clearance, quality problems arise, It'should be severally liable. 1
25. Aderson, J . R . Cognitive Psychology and Its Implication . Worth publisher . 1
26. After discovering that The Sunday Republican had recently been scanned and digitized by Readex, a publisher of digital historical materials, I was finally able to zero in on this forgotten document. 1
27. After initial evaluations with various software publishers, Intergraph finally selected Tetra's Chameleon package. 1
28. After senior high, he worked as an art designer for a magazine publisher for some time. 1
29. Al Jacinto is a Mindanao publisher and political analyst. 1
30. Also available is work from other archives, much of it collected by the former Time publisher,(This website/archives.html) Henry Luce. 1





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