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# Sentence Times
1. After discreet soundings, they prudently abandoned the idea, which would have involved a major encroachment upon judicial independence. 1
2. Apply current technologies while prudently matching state - of - the - art with the state - of - your. 1
3. But no outside help materialized and after a few days he prudently took refuge across the border in Milan. 1
4. China has prudently encouraged economic opportunities for countries in other regions. 1
5. Choose the trading partner, the credit adopting the proper way and investigating the exporter prudently. 1
6. Fifthly the contraction policy should be adopted prudently on the upswing of foreign reserve. 1
7. He is fearless though prudently cautious about " the cat door. " 1
8. He prudently pursued his plan. 1
9. I believe it is essential that we act prudently. 1
10. Learn extensively , inquire thoroughly , ponder prudently , discriminate clearly, and practice devotedly. 1
11. Meredith, bearing in mind Harriet's warning that this horse might kick, prudently moved away a little. 1
12. Mr Dong prudently refrained from offering the court a pirated copy. 1
13. Now that we are in power, it is even more vital for us to act prudently. 1
14. Reform of the system of Party and state leadership must be carried out prudently andorderly way. 1
15. She would have liked to express her opinion of his girlfriend, but prudently refrained. 1
16. She would have liked to express her opinion of his girlfriend,(This website/girlfriend.html) but prudently refrained. 1
17. The Pep Squad prudently supplies its members with canned responses to suit almost any occasion. 1
18. The plaintiff, wishing to have monies now and not in two years' time, prudently accepted the settlement figure. 1
19. The pursuit of war criminals, if carried out firmly but prudently, could yet help rather than hinder peace in Bosnia. 1
20. The rules of personal finance are timeless: save, diversify, control costs and borrow prudently. 1
21. They had prudently withdrawn as soon as the van had got fairly under way. 1
22. They very prudently decided not to take the case to court. 1
23. This paper review prudently on their therapeutic effects of various drugs on paragonimiasis . 1
24. This part mainly studies the four types of dividend on shares policy at the angle of their concepts, advantages and disadvantages. And the companies should choose them prudently. 1
25. Use Limit Price prudently to control the cost and lost. 1
26. Used prudently, advanced hybrid or bio-engineered crop strains could make a potentially significant contribution to third world agriculture. 1
27. We shall administer it prudently with foresight and in the best interests of the people. 1
28. We value this empowerment, and we will exercise our powers prudently and responsibly. 1
29. We will actively and prudently build more cities and towns. 1
30. You see, I have been one of those fellows who live prudently and sanely, hour after hour, day after day. 1




  - in a way that shows care and thought for the future.


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