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# Sentence Times
1. After which, I was hunted down, pursued, persecuted, blackened, jeered at, scorned, cursed, proscribed. 1
2. Any such engines configured for use in this missile system would also be proscribed. 1
3. Backyard barbecue grills could be proscribed. 1
4. Because "the Koran" and the Hadith of the legislative principle is: where are the harmful illegal and that in the physical and mental health of disadvantaged people are proscribed. 1
5. Congar had in point of fact expressed himself cautiously enough, yet several of his books were proscribed. 1
6. Diathermy may be proscribed for arthritis, bursitis, and other conditions requiring heat treatment. 1
7. Even the space inside the narrow arenas is narrowly proscribed, especially for singers. 1
8. Have I violated some proscribed waiting period? 1
9. Here , too , were many of that old, proscribed, nameless, red - handed clan of the Macgregors. 1
10. In earlier days, the church proscribed dancing and cardplaying. 1
11. In some cultures surgery is proscribed. 1
12. It should be remembered, however, that Gaelic was proscribed by the authorities for many years. 1
13. Many Shiite clergymen maintain that birth control is proscribed by Islam. 1
14. Political parties Following a 1973 ban on political activity, political parties were constitutionally proscribed in 1978. 1
15. She therefore proscribed all religious, philosophical, or psychological books for village libraries. 1
16. Showing the insignia of Neutral deities cuts no ice with Thadeus - such gods are little better than the proscribed Ones. 1
17. So popular were the proscribed celebrations that it proved quite impossible to eradicate them completely. 1
18. Ten groups in all were now specifically proscribed in Northern Ireland. 1
19. That combination would have softened my mind without recourse to proscribed substances. 1
20. The Athletics Federation have banned the runner from future races for using proscribed drugs. 1
21. The condition of having been proscribed; outlawry. 0
22. The reasons for the ban were multiple, and certainly there are other pesticides today that should also be proscribed. 1
23. The sale of narcotics is proscribed by law. 1
24. They are proscribed by federal law from owning guns. 1
25. Very few officers at the level proscribed have ever sought election as councillors. 1
26. What we sought was harmonization of seperate judgments, not a legal document that proscribed different opinions. 1
27. Why pork was proscribed by Hebraic law is still unclear, and some scholars believe that the Torah merely suggested not eating pork at certain restaurants. 1

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