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# Sentence Times
1. "It's a variable-pitch propeller, which is like having gears on a bike, " Land says. 1
2. "Only propelled by new market factors can the floating band be enlarged, " said director Xia Bin with the finance research institute of the State Council Development Research Center. 1
3. "You may choose among steam, horse-drawn, or electrically propelled vehicles," said the instructor. "I might suggest the one which we commonly take in making long journeys across land." 1
4. A backward flow of air, as from the propeller of an aircraft. 1
5. A backward flow of air, as from the propeller of an aircraft. This website 1
6. A can of whipped cream uses nitrous oxide, an anesthetic, as a propellant. 1
7. A chemical agent added to a material, such as rocket propellant, to make it opaque. 1
8. A common model of sublight drive is an ion engine, which propels a craft by hurling ionic particles at extreme speeds in the opposite direction of travel. 1
9. A crane arrived and the propeller from a second engine was removed in preparation for a further engine change. 1
10. A detailed examination was made of energy partition in an impacted solid propellant. 1
11. A fairing fitted over the hub of the propeller in some aircraft. 1
12. A few years later we found ourselves journeying to Russia in the cargo hold of an Ilyushin Il 20M propeller plane, a onetime aerial spy from the cold war era. 1
13. A liquid , CH 3 NO 2, used in making dyes and resins, in organic synthesis, and rocket propellant. 1
14. A marine propeller propulsion system was first analyzed to describe the objective, clew, and procedure for hull-propeller-engine matching. 1
15. A mass solid propellant. 1
16. A mere two years later, Sarah's career was propelled1 a step further when she landed a spot as lead vocalist with the musical group Hot Gossip. 1
17. A military cargo plane made an emergency landing when one of the propellers broke off. 1
18. A model describing the process of the crack combustion and propagation in solid propellant was formulated. 1
19. A new method to measure gun muzzle smoke is adopt to investigate the influence of some gun propellant deterrents. 1
20. A numerical method based on the potential flow theory is proposed in this paper for predicting the steady performance of tractor-type podded propellers. 1
21. A particularly simple form of rocket motor uses solid propellant. 1
22. A potential-based surface panel method for podded propeller in steady flow was developed concerning the interaction between pod and propeller blades in hydrodynamics. 2
23. A propelling pencil with break - resistant 0.7 - mm lead for secure writing and sketching. 1
24. A pusher propeller has been fitted at the rear of the X 2 to provide extra oomph. 1
25. A real-time temperature measurement device for rocket propellant is designed according to similarity criterion. 1
26. A rocket is propelled by the ejection of a portion of its mass to the rear. 1
27. A rope jammed the boat's propeller. 1
28. A sailing boat is propelled by wind. 1
29. A self - propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails. 1
30. A simplified model of propeller with infinite number of blades is employed to account for the effect of free wave in this paper. 1

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