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1. A few years ago, the pope upped the ante and added a written loyalty oath to him and his every pronouncement. 1
2. A source of moral or ethical judgment or pronouncement. 1
3. After presenting me with a bag of tomatoes, she glanced at my mangled leg and made the pronouncement. 1
4. Again and again these feminist lexicographers refuse and indeed poke fun at the authoritative pronouncements of mainstream lexicography. 1
5. As so often with long-awaited party pronouncements, much of the "breakthrough" is already common practice and the toughest issues are skirted. 1
6. Bremen, a city-state, wants a climate in which such pronouncements are too obvious to be worth making. 1
7. But it might as well be shouted from the housetops, that majestic pronouncement, proof or no proof. 1
8. But these pronouncements should not be taken as the fount of all wisdom. 1
9. Delphic pronouncements; an oracular message. 1
10. During the next 18 months circumspection was rarely seen in pronouncements made politicians, pundits, and officials. 1
11. Ephson said both the NPP and the NDC have been trying to outmaneuver each other with their pronouncements. 1
12. For these prophetic pronouncements, exactly the same process of checking and testing is appropriate. 1
13. He became increasingly more repressive, despite his pronouncements about creating a new society, free of corruption and graft. 1
14. He made a public pronouncement that the Philharmonie was impossible to record in. 1
15. Her pronouncements were delivered with the formality of a Vatican edict. 1
16. However, Mr Hurd's pronouncement yesterday removes that incentive, leaving the Labour move almost certain to fail. 1
17. However, other elements of neoconservatism might undercut the long-term viability of proponents' initial policy pronouncements. 1
18. However, the more scary his pronouncements, the bigger his budget became. 1
19. However, Woodruff's pronouncement, theManifesto, forbade polygamy only in the United States, and for a decade or so it continued in Mexico and other places outside the U.S. government's jurisdiction. 1
20. I am therefore almost inclined to suggest that you require from your laureates an oath of humility, a sort of hippocratic oath, never to exceed in public pronouncements the limits of their competence. 1
21. If this made companies tremble, David Tweedie's pronouncements will have done nothing to calm their fears. 1
22. In Najaf, Khomeini had begun a propaganda campaign against the Shah and his regime by circulating audio cassettes containing his pronouncements. 1
23. In practice they are at daggers drawn as the furore over Tom Clarke's pronouncements on the subject this week amply illustrates. 1
24. Indeed, some of his most famous pronouncements are paraphrases, even on occasion almost direct quotations, from Hillel. 1
25. Infallible papal pronouncements would be seen as tentative, revisable, like Supreme Court decisions, which have the force of precedents but can be and occasionally are overruled. 1
26. It said that in the run-up to an election, it would comment on planning opportunities based on pronouncements by political parties. 1
27. Like a true oracle, Hailey's pronouncements were both authoritative and ambiguous. 1
28. Milosevic, who has remained in seclusion for the past two weeks, has yet to make any public pronouncement. 1
29. Not surprisingly, many gentry and clergy modified their public pronouncements accordingly, surviving both Parliamentary rule and the Restoration. 1
30. Of course, he could make no pronouncement. 1

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