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# Sentence Times
1. 'I can't decide.' said Beatrice. 'Decide what?' prompted Marlon. 1
2. " Cue,'said the prompter, close to her side, but she did not hear. 1
3. "Anyone with hidden income and gains would be well-advised to make a prompt and complete disclosure," she said. 1
4. "Baby Doc" Duvalier's surprise return to Haiti has prompted an immediate and strong reaction. 1
5. "Go on," the therapist prompted him. 1
6. "I will, " she promised, and promptly forgot about it. 1
7. A call for 100 bottles of blood was answered promptly. 1
8. A court heard that the shop owner would have died but for the prompt action of two ambulancemen. 1
9. A day later, Forbes said its online chief quit, prompting reports that the 92-year-old magazine faces a shakeup. 1
10. A decision not to indict should immediately be reported to the court in writing by the foreperson so that the accused may promptly be released from jail or freed on bail. 1
11. A design is given about fast and high detection efficiency fission chamber for prompt neutron decay constant measurements. 1
12. A financial crisis prompted King Louis XVI to call an Estates General to pass new tax laws. 1
13. A greyhound cocked his leg against the table and was promptly shooed away. 1
14. A hedgehog tries to climb up the net and when it hears you approach it promptly rolls up into a ball. 1
15. A level 1 performance should always prompt further investigation. 1
16. A love for music and a fascination for robotics prompt two Brooklyn men to build the world's first fully robotic Gamelan Orchestra. 1
17. A major disaster was prevented by the prompt action of the safety officer. 1
18. A message will appear which will prompt you for certain information. 1
19. A new brush fire has broken out in the hills above Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley suburbs, prompting mandatory evacuations. 1
20. A new brush fire has broken out in the hills above Los Angles' San Fernando Valley suburbs, prompting mandatory evacuations . 1
21. A new window pops up to prompt you for a Bookmark name. 1
22. A note on discount Cash discounts A supplier may offer a cash discount to a retailer who settles his account promptly. 1
23. A parliamentary investigation has been blocked,(This website/prompting.html) prompting speculation about a political stitch - up. 1
24. A prompt remittance would be appreciated. 1
25. A prompt to appears in the bottom left corner. 2. 1
26. A randomised controlled trial comparing prompted care with continuing hospital clinic care was undertaken. 1
27. A recent sting operation by an anti-abortion group uncovered an errant employee, who was promptly fired. 1
28. A repair shop known for its prompt service. 1
29. A reply came very promptly. 1
30. A report showing falling business confidence lifted hopes that slowing economic growth will prompt the Bundesbank to cut rates soon. 1

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