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# Sentence Times
1. "This guy ties everybody together, " says a veteran U.S. intelligence officer who has been watching Kashmiri's rise to prominence closely but is not authorized to speak publicly. 1
2. A coffeehouse chain like Starbucks can rise to prominence by an imitation of Milan's espresso bars. 1
3. A famous commander, tribal chief and cleric, Haqqani came to prominence during the war against the Soviets. 1
4. A relatively new subdiscipline in architecture that has gained significant prominence is the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). 1
5. A solar prominence is a cloud of solar gas held above the Sun's surface by the Sun's magnetic field. 1
6. A solar prominence is a cloud of solar gas held just above the surface by the Sun's magnetic field. 1
7. a young actor who has recently risen to prominence. 1
8. Also known as the laryngeal prominence, the Adam's apple sits right on top of the thyroid gland, so the area is fittingly called the thyroid cartilage. 1
9. Although his work was instrumental in bringing the Copernican system into prominence, Galileo was far more than just an astronomer. 1
10. Although somehow related to the Sun's changing magnetic field, the energy mechanism that creates and sustains a Solar prominence is still a topic of research. 1
11. An item of prominence on the conference agenda was infant health care. 1
12. An Olympic gold medallist in 1960, Ali came to prominence shortly before his assumption of the world heavyweight title in 1964. 1
13. And Magic can count on more pitfalls before his team is back to prominence again. 1
14. And what about all the sex, and the prominence of the soulless woman, the femme fatale? 1
15. Apted also differentiates browsing habits according to the different disciplines and points to its prominence for scholars in the humanities. 1
16. As a question of aesthetic value, it is hard to dispute Lonsdale's decision to give prominence to this material. 1
17. As Microsoft ascended to prominence and Apple descended to the depths, the licensing debate among Mac users rose in volume. 1
18. As their prominence grew, the Khmer kings initiated many grand public works projects. 1
19. Aside from its ascendency as an ecumenical center, Hanover was also rising to political prominence. 1
20. At the top left of the image there is a solar prominence, a huge loop of plasma, that is being blasted into space. 1
21. At this time the Yohkoh images showed faint X-ray emission from a large closed magnetic field structure above the prominence. 1
22. Audrey gained immediate 15 prominence in the US with her role in Roman Holiday in 1953. 1
23. Audrey gained immediate prominence in the US with her role in Roman Holiday in 1953. 1
24. Balancing the budget was always a fundamental element of the contract, but it assumed greater prominence as the year evolved. 1
25. Bayesian inference has also gained prominence in e-mail spam-fighting, and in non-spam-related areas such as customer affinity engines (or, commercial recommendation engines). 1
26. Before the Civil War, boxing enjoyed a brief vogue in New York, where fighters often associated with the Tammany Hall machine rose to prominence. 1
27. Biomolecular applications are given due prominence, as befits an area where mass spectrometry has made such spectacular progress. 1
28. Blanton was the crucial figure in giving the bass greater prominence. 1
29. Bony prominences are padded with cotton sheeting. 1
30. Born into poverty, Jimenez never forgot his origins as he rose to prominence in the church. 1

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