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# Sentence Times
1. - Taking the prevention of drug abuse by teenagers as a basic project in drug control. 1
2. 'A Consortium for Electronic Publication in the Humanities', with links to many projects of interest, e. g. Pompeian Households. 1
3. 'It was something really astonishing, ' said Cecilia Frosinini, co-ordinator of the project that studied the scenes in the lives of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. 1
4. 'Project Management Engineer that's just some kind of polite way of saying that you are not there yet to be a project manager. 1
5. 'The Manhattan Project' was the insiders' name for the hush-hush project. 1
6. " HORSEPLAY " on the project site is strictly prohibited. Running on the project site is allowed only in extreme emergencies. 2
7. " To this end, the municipal government has enacted law on the removal of unsightly, long lay-off "half a project. 1
8. " Voyager focused our attention on the importance of collisions,'says chief project scientist Edward Stone. 1
9. "Air-to-air refueling is an essential skill for JASDF and U.S. pilots to allow for force projection," Captain Taylor said. 1
10. "Atlantis" No. 8 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the U. S. space shuttle project implementation 135th and final flight. 1
11. "Automatic Search and Measurement of Crack on Architecture Engineering Structure Component"is a project of Tianjin Social Fund for Development (SFD). 1
12. "By the time we started our project, Chytridium had already hit Panama and it wiped out a lot of these frogs, " Gratwicke recalled. 1
13. "China is a really easy scapegoat," said Erika Franklin Fowler, a political science professor at Wesleyan University who is director of the Wesleyan Media project, which tracks political advertising. 1
14. "Ernie and Kalman have been involved with this project from the start, and have done much of the real legwork," Lauder says. 1
15. "Firebird's universal interface is what makes this all possible," said Rick Crooks, director of special projects and Firebird program manager for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. 1
16. "Gold Faith" project has realized informationization of industrial business administration in our country, and promoted the development of credibility construction effectively. 1
17. "I spent a total of 800 days in the Kalahari on the project - it is my favourite place in the world, " said the 38-year-old from Cape Town. 1
18. "I've been in a crash for four years," millwork supplier Jeff Thompson of Vero Beach, Florida, told Reuters. "But I'm almost seeing a glimmer of light in getting new projects. 1
19. "India needs to be more aggressive in pushing ahead hydro projects (on the Brahmaputra, told the Guardian during a recent visit to Beijing. 1
20. "India needs to be more aggressive in pushing ahead hydro projects (on the Brahmaputra), " Jairam Ramesh, the Indian environment minister, told the Guardian during a recent visit to Beijing. 1
21. "It was a large cigar-shaped vehicle with big projectiles on each side like wings, " he told the MoD. 1
22. "It's a staging area for entry into Apache," James explained, "like an airlock where projects can join, migrate to the Apache infrastructure, and learn how to become part of Apache, and so on." 1
23. "It's one of the crown jewels in our city's renaissance, " says Javad Marandi, a managing partner of the Pasha Group, the project's local developer. 0
24. "It's personal growth that defines the successfulness of a project, " says Brown. 1
25. "It's personal growth that defines the successfulness of a project,(This website/personal growth.html) " says Brown. 1
26. "Look at your transferrable skills, including project management, budgeting, supervising others, and organizational planning," Ryan says. 1
27. "Mr. Bay was very aware and impressed with the E-3 and what it provides to combatant commanders in theater, " said Lt. Col. Jimmy Warren, the 965th AACS commander and project officer for the trip. 1
28. "My father was a funeral director, " he says. "I'm very conscious of not being cavalier – projects can be torpedoed if you don't keep in mind exactly what you are dealing with." 1
29. "ne of these, shaped somewhat like a barn, was forty-seven feet in circumference and projected five feet above the sand beach," he later wrote. 1
30. "Obama's ability to convey his feelings of self-worth to others may have helped him project the image of competence and confidence that voters found so compelling, " Zeigler Hill told the Digest. 1

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