Prohibited Definition

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# Sentence Times
31. Article 9 The state-owned assets shall be protected by the law. Any organizations or individuals are prohibited to defalcate or damage the state-owned assets by any means. 1
32. As a part of the Missouri Compromise, Congress had prohibited slavery within that territory. 1
33. As a result, the databases of prohibited sites in these filtering programs must be continually updated. 1
34. As for habitual abortion should, more sex is strictly prohibited. 1
35. As the golden eagle is a protected species you prohibited by law from going anywhere near its nest. 1
36. As though it does not matter that half of humanity have been prohibited from realizing their potential. 1
37. Bear in mind that cold cures and certain drinks contain prohibited substances that show up in a drugs test. 1
38. Because of electric shock devices are prohibited articles, airport security procedures of the department in accordance with the transfer of airport passengers deal with the public security organs. 1
39. But emesis is prohibited for pregnant women and must be applied cautiously to the weak. 1
40. Can an underground newspaper be prohibited from criticizing school policies? 1
41. Can teachers be prohibited from encouraging or participating in demonstrations? 1
42. Can teachers be prohibited from promoting political candidates in class? 1
43. Can teachers be prohibited from taking an active part in partisan politics? 1
44. Cars are prohibited, so transportation is by electric cart or by horse and buggy. 1
45. Chemical allopathic veterinary drugs and antibiotics is prohibited. 1
46. China's Internet will continue to be policed and controlled, information filtered, sites prohibited, noncompliant search engines excluded, and sensitive search words disallowed. 1
47. Communist activity was prohibited on pain of death. 1
48. Conclusion The DDT and BHC contents had declined since the DDT and BHC were prohibited in 1983. 1
49. Conducting businesses within residence hall rooms is also prohibited. 1
50. Corruption especially hampered businesses, who were prohibited by law from offering bribes and faced penalties if they were discovered doing so. 1
51. Dangerous toys, weapons, and narcotic drugs are prohibited on campus. Violator will be dismissed. 1
52. Decree 507, the new Public Order Law, prohibited all collective bargaining and strike action. 1
53. Defendants should be prohibited from cross-examining the child. 1
54. Detachable shoulder stocks are prohibited in IPSC competition. 1
55. Discretionary investment , preserving deposit book or stamp for clients, and profit assurance are prohibited. 1
56. Discrimination against and oppression of any ethnic group are prohibited.' 1
57. Discrimination against, insult of and infringement upon disabled persons shall be prohibited. 1
58. Distribution of this subtitle for commercial usage is strictly prohibited. 1
59. Do not allow the child to play without adult care. it is prohibited that push or pul on the product and play with sharp ware while playing. 1
60. Do not allow the child to play without adult care. it is prohibited to push or pul on the product and play with sharp ware while playing. 1

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