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# Sentence Times
1. " HORSEPLAY " on the project site is strictly prohibited. Running on the project site is allowed only in extreme emergencies. 1
2. "Officially, Burundi has a number of laws and regulations prohibiting corrupt practices such as bribery, nepotism, preferential hiring and promotion and embezzlement," the State Dept. 1
3. "Officially, Burundi has a number of laws and regulations prohibiting corrupt practices such as bribery, nepotism, preferential hiring and promotion and embezzlement," the State Dept. says. 1
4. "The difference between China and Japan is that in Japan, if one passenger is injured or killed, the cost is prohibitively high, " Yoshiyuki Kasai told the Financial Times. 1
5. "This is a big step forward in putting an end to the war, " said Norm Stamper, a former Seattle chief of police and now spokesman for the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (Leap). 0
6. A 1990 federal law bars local governments from prohibiting late-night and early-morning departures at a new airport without Federal Aviation Administration approval. 1
7. A common existing technique for assessing the provitamin A content of corn varieties can be prohibitively expensive for plant breeders, the researchers said, but the new one is vastly less expensive. 1
8. A good life cannot be founded upon fear, prohibition, and mutual interference with freedom. 1
9. A judge this week granted Nogales-Talley a preliminary injunction, prohibiting the district from demoting her to classroom teacher. 1
10. A lawyer is prohibited from being a witness and advocate in the same proceeding. 1
11. A licence agreement may specifically prohibit error correction so that all this provision does is to raise a presumption in favour of the lawful user. 1
12. A member or supporter of the Prohibition Party. 0
13. A more modern one is the prohibition of lotteries. 1
14. A number of the Take-over Panel rules prohibit trading on the basis of inside information. 1
15. A phenomenon of strip steel buckled while heating in vertical continuous annealing furnace is analyzed and the reasons are found. Corresponding measures are adopted to prohibit and reduce this defect. 1
16. A San Francisco Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting the sale or storage of marijuana at the club. 1
17. Abdo applied for conscientious objector status in 2010 after he decided Islamic standards would prohibit his service in the US army in any war, military officials said. 1
18. Access to records and data without appropriate management authorisation are strictly prohibited. 1
19. According to Bach, Stanford wrote back that its policy prohibited Down patients from getting transplants. 1
20. Accordingly, the practice that retires ahead of schedule must give stoutly prohibit. 1
21. Additionally, a usage of the requirement can also be set as required, optional, or prohibited through the use attribute (the default value is required). 1
22. After all, his grandfather moonshine on the back roads of Kentucky during Prohibition. 0
23. After the landing, a helicopter searched for the capsule in the Woomera Prohibited Area, and at around 11:56 pm on the 13th, its location was confirmed. 0
24. Afterward, the plaintiffs asked for a court order prohibiting Lawrence from verbally abusing them. 1
25. Alcoholic beverage , gambling and illicit drugs are strictly prohibited. 1
26. All alcoholic beverages should be rigidly prohibited. 1
27. All reservists had a 60-day window to sign up and there was no prohibition on those who already got their orders. 1
28. All three parts of Resolution 45/57 on the prohibition of chemical and bacteriological weapons were adopted without a vote. 1
29. Almost as soon as Virginia tobacco began to be shipped in commercial quantities to England, King James I levied a tax on it while agreeing to prohibit the growth of competing tobacco in England. 1
30. Also prohibited is any refusal to engage meaningfully with the opponent. 1

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