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# Sentence Times
1. 'He's working hard at the moment' is an example of the present progressive form of the verb 'work'. 1
2. 'I was eating when the phone rang' is an example of the past progressive. 1
3. " I'll be progressive from now on,'she avowed. 1
4. "Beauty" is not at all an abstract term of adjective but a pronoun to be created and is a progressive tense of the present and the future. 1
5. "We support Foxconn victims' and employees' right to voice and unionize in their workplaces, and to strive for progressive reforms, " the group said. 1
6. A 4-year-old girl presented with generalized papules , erythema, desquamation, subcutaneous nodules around large joints, as well as a 3-year-history of progressive eye damage. 1
7. A 73 year old right-handed man sought medical attention because of a grand mal seizure and progressive difficulty with speech. 1
8. A blanking production technology of the motorcycle bulb was analyzed, and a set of progressive blanking die was designed for the shell. 1
9. A device that eliminates or progressively diminishes vibrations or oscillations, as of a magnetic needle. 1
10. A few years later, it made timid and ephemeral attempts to pursue a progressive social policy. 1
11. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. 1
12. A high fever usually appears on the first day of illness, followed by progressive and rapid debilitation. 1
13. A look at some examples of the so-called progressive rock of the mid - and late 1960s may clarify this question. 1
14. A model of trigonometric function with the amplitude increasing with the time was proposed to simulate the progressive fault current in a transformer progressive short circuit failure. 2
15. A more progressive tax policy could help redistribute some of the gains of trade accruing to those on the top of the income scale. 1
16. A normal myelogram in a dog with slowly progressive paralysis is very frustrating because the two most likely diseases (numbers 2 and 3) cannot be confirmed without an autopsy. 1
17. A processing plan of progressive die stamping for chain element was established according to the shape, dimensions of the part and requirements for production. 1
18. A progressive institution in many ways, Rollins was run autocratically by its president, Hamilton Holt. 1
19. A progressive reduction in tissue perfusion may accompany recurrence of Crohn's disease while at a subclinical stage. 1
20. A progressive tax is far harder to administer than a flat tax is. 1
21. A progressive tax is far harder to administer than any flat tax. 1
22. A progressive tax structure is one in which the average tax rate rises with an individual's income level. 1
23. A progressively tax and transfer system takes most from the rich and give most to the poor. 1
24. A reduction in the incidence of progressive heart failure was primarily responsible for the reduced mortality. 1
25. A second reform is therefore essential - to turn the national insurance tax from a proportional into a progressive tax. 1
26. A single progressive metering groove did away with both main and corrector jets, as well Venturi. 1
27. A situation where futures prices are progressively higher the further the maturity date is from spot. 1
28. A staunch progressive, Shaw joined in 1884 the Fabian Society, an organization of middle-class socialists dedicated to mass education and the legislative reform of England. 1
29. A textbook should represent a structured learning environment in which the reader is led through the subjects in a progressive manner. 1
30. A type of new progressive die including blanking, bending and forming is introduced. 1

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