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# Sentence Times
1. - Gradually setting up an animal husbandry production structure conforming to the characteristics of China's resources. 1
2. .. , plastic , resin product packing , tooth used material, binder , detergent, printing ink, pigment , precise china, tire , rubber, fireproof material. 1
3. 'A' Company is going to develop one new product - centrifuge recently, which is their auxiliary products of product originally. 3
4. 'Buy Now' function, which enables to buy the product for spent bids and additional payment up to the retail price. 1
5. 'T as hard-edged as the punchy production several contemporary urban sets have presented. 1
6. 'The subprime mess appears to be a result, at least in part, of a soft-touch regulatory approach that allowed inappropriate lending standards and exotic mortgage banking products, ' he said. 1
7. 'We expect the headline inflation rate to ease to below 2% by March end as prices of manufactured products continue to soften,' said Manoranjan Sharma, chief economist at Canara Bank. 1
8. 'When you're watching a movie and on comes an advertisement trying to hard-sell a product, it's pretty much interrupting your entertainment, ' he says. 1
9. " and another counterjumper alleges however, "Our product achieves 2800 degrees of above when fire, under this unqualified. 1
10. " box " still stick gave albumen of this farinaceous collagen to dissolve the appearance in water, it is better to tell everybody this product and yoghurt drink flavour together. 1
11. " Disco " vinyl records in the database (all categories), with the tracks of the album, and production records, including photographs, for the "registration" and use of disco link disarmament. 1
12. " Junshan silver leaf, "as a single bud production, goods drink in the course of the highlights of the Cup Chaya appreciate. 1
13. " ROMAN CANDLE ASSORTMENT are eating more and more processed foods such as carbonated drinks, baked goods, canned fruits, jams and dairy products that contain fructose, " Werman said. 1
14. " Strongly identified with country music, Nashville is a major music recording and production center and is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame. 1
15. "A spurt in global demand owing to a production shortfall in major growing countries such as Europe, has made Indian tobacco competitive on the price front, " a senior Board official said. 1
16. "Artificial Master Vat" is put forward between master vat and cylinder mould in cylinder mould paper machine of KSBPM in order to be adapt to varied production and produce more qualified paper. 1
17. "As Spinal Tap understood heavy metal and Dr Strangelove the Cold War, " says the film's production company, Warp Films, "Four Lions understands modern British jihadis." 1
18. "Being able to take a blueprint and turn it into a product in a very quick time will serve you very well when you eventually have your own concept," he said. 1
19. "Construction of building of ground platoon type " with " the wall discharges a product " appeared the contradiction of give tit for tat. 1
20. "Copper producers in general have been slow off the mark in cutting production if you compare them with zinc or nickel producers, who have slashed quite aggressively," said Meir. 1
21. "Countries should start legislating for synthetic biology products now to prepare for the near future, " he told SciDev.Net. 1
22. "Developers will now be able to use one tool, one framework, and one common code base and build apps that run on Android, BlackBerry, and iOS," said Dave Gruber, Adobe group product manager. 1
23. "Dingwang" fresh trepang is the only trepang fresh product in China at present, which breaks through the traditional craft idea that trepang can only be salted and dried. 1
24. "Electronic" can be understood as follows: the technicalization of the course of production, the intangibility of existent form, and the mediumzation on display. 1
25. "Even if they didn't want to eat them 'whole hog, ' so to say, it would be possible to extract the protein and oil from them and then manufacture food products from those components, " Kok adds. 1
26. "Feminists are wrong to claim that men should do a larger share of the housework and childcare because on average, men and women already do the same number of hours of productive work, " Hakim said. 1
27. "For example, putting the biogas pool beside fire pit can increase biogas production," said Liu, "because the pool can absorb heat from the pit." 1
28. "Hanyuan County, " also contains: "If Zhu Yi Li pepper tree has thorns, County wide production to bull slope, with the city for the best. 1
29. "I reckon there's still a few in the cards, there's still more to do -- particularly in steel-related products," said James Wilson, an analyst at DJ Carmichael. 1
30. "I reckon there's still a few in the cards, there's still more to do -- particularly in steel-related products," said James Wilson(This website/dj.html), an analyst at DJ Carmichael. 1

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