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1. 'The domestic producers have accumulated surplus profits to give them a huge cushion for 2009 and beyond, ' he testified. 1
2. "Consumers and producers alike need to recognize that HFCs are no longer part of the solution but part of the problem and one that we can solve, " said Bismarck. 1
3. "Copper producers in general have been slow off the mark in cutting production if you compare them with zinc or nickel producers, who have slashed quite aggressively," said Meir. 2
4. A newspaper reports breathlessly of producers conducting rapturous relationships with PowerBooks, of screenwriters sleeping with them. 1
5. A newspaper reports breathlessly of producers conducting rapturous relationships with PowerBooks, of screenwriters sleeping with them.sentence dictionary 1
6. A report on the meetings noted: "Retailers were concerned that they may not be able to maintain their current non-GM sources of supply as producers increasingly adopt GM technology around the world." 1
7. A row between cane producers and the state government delayed harvesting for several weeks this year. 1
8. A second method of promoting the interests of domestic producers is by permitting them to enter into collaborations of various kinds. 1
9. Access to software must be regulated so that the software of one producer is protected from all other unauthorised producers. 1
10. All it takes is some imagination to think up handy tips to help other producers. 1
11. All new-media producers claim their information streams and interactive features make for an engaged, informed citizenry. 1
12. All the producers of the items can be justly proud of their respective teams. 1
13. Also remember that labour is expensive in Denmark and producers can't afford the luxury of staffing farrowing houses 24/7 as is commonplace in Asia. 1
14. Although domestic auto producers may not be enamored of it, it is good for consumers. 1
15. Although technical monopoly may be a rarity, as already noted markets are commonly dominated by a small number of large producers. 1
16. An effective preventive strategy which challenged these interests would seriously disrupt or impose great costs on capitalist producers. 1
17. Analysts believe the coal shortage may lead power producers to boost oil-fired power generation, causing China to increase its imports of diesel and fuel oil , Reuters reports. 1
18. And religion are endemic producers of finite provinces of meaning. 1
19. And starting tomorrow, the government will allow food producers to start zapping fresh spinach and iceberg lettuce with just enough radiation to kill E. coli and other dangerous germs. 1
20. And the more people who go see them, the more "bankable" Nicolas Cage becomes in the eyes of Hollywood producers, which in turn allows Nicolas Cage to make more movies. 1
21. And the overlap could be especially acute in this deal, because both companies are major producers of missiles and radar. 1
22. Another issue that concerns organic dairy producers is pasteurisation. 1
23. Another reason some producers like docudramas is their low cost. 1
24. As one of the largest abalone producers in the world, Oceanus will guarantee the huge supplies of fresh abalones for the restaurants. 1
25. As producers, their views will be more ambivalent, depending on whether they work in sunset or sunrise industries. 1
26. As star producers they were used to receiving public accolades and acknowledgment of their achievements. 1
27. As talent competitions became more staid, producers turned their attention to dating shows, churning out programmes that encouraged bitchiness. 1
28. As the slowdown gathered steam last year, Europe's steel-pipe producers and their lawyers decided to try another tack. 1
29. As the slowdown gathered steam last year, Europe's steel-pipe producers decided to try another tack. 1
30. Ashanti first announced her presence with the Big Pun hit How We Roll in 2001. Her sound was infectious and caught the attention of record producers. Irv Gotti, a producer with Murder Inc. 1




  - a person, company, or country that makes, grows, or supplies goods or commodities for sale.

  - a person responsible for the financial and managerial aspects of making of a movie or broadcast or for staging a play, opera, etc..


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