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1. A curve is available in the form of a set of chained points. The algorithm deals with 3D object coordinate directly without need of an explicit object description in terms of primitives. 1
2. A local coordinate system allows for additional flexibility in the primitives drawn. 1
3. A set of knowledge primitives can be used to realize a specific problem solving method (PSM) of a design task in DTS. 1
4. After running the script, the engine takes all variables (including new ones) and performs the inverse conversion, turning JavaScript primitives and strings into Java objects. 1
5. Anomalous collocation results when two semantic primitives which are incompatible are combined in a syntagmatic structure. 1
6. Arguments are strongly-typed, and the types range from fundamental primitives (booleans, bytes, integers. 1
7. Besides, you write in Yiddish, a language no one except a few primitives can understand. 1
8. Block ciphers can be used in many cryptographic primitives, such as encryption and message authentication code (MAC). 1
9. Brown said he saw Adam and Eve in a remote-viewing session, but they were not naked primitives in a lush garden. 1
10. But instances like the primitives get rarer and already one feels ashamed for indulging such backward passions. 1
11. Complex routing logic can be added in the mediation flow through mediation primitives. 1
12. Cull out, that is, remove back faces; assume counterclockwise winding order for primitives. 1
13. Enough information of user interface display unit could be got from the customized pattern primitives to implement the user interface pattern modeling and guide the code generation process. 1
14. Fan-in and Fan-out scenarios are supported through new primitives for splitting one message into multiple parts, or aggregating several messages into one. 1
15. From his illustrations of the primitives it is apparent that Marshman is dealing with a classification based on categories of phonetic elements. 1
16. FXG is an XML-based graphics interchange format for Flash, containing graphical and text primitives, following the Flash Player rendering model. 1
17. Hence, the primitives of a multimedia operating system should be used to support the real-time transfer of continuous data. 1
18. If these two mediations append to the correlation or transient contexts their primitive name, each of the Message Logger primitives only see the name relevant to their branch of the flow. 1
19. In a virtual cyclotron, learning is being smashed into its primitives. 1
20. In current abundant nonstructural MPI programs, many segments of codes based on point-to-point primitives can be replaced by the corresponding structural collective primitives. 2
21. In this system, a structural recognition strategy based on the primitives of initial consonant symbol and rhyme symbol is . 1
22. LISP provides two primitives for sorting: sort and stable - sort. 1
23. Most POSIX systems, such like Linux, provide a faster but non - reentrant implementation of synchronization primitives. 1
24. Naturopathic medicine became considered the province of charlatans and primitives. 1
25. Particularly with HPROF dumps and IBM system dumps, Memory Analyzer gives you memory contents such as primitives and the field names from the original source code. 1
26. SVG gives you a number of graphic primitives, and each primitive has various XML attributes that further specify the graphic: color, size, position, fill, outline, and so on. 1
27. The address forms in appellative system are of metasemiotic features just like the primitives in an axiomatic system. 1
28. The anthropology of the future will not be concerned above all else with primitives. 1
29. The current work focuses on the derivation of definition primitives from a monolingual dictionary. 1
30. The FanOut and FanIn mediation primitives were introduced in WebSphere ESB V6.1, enabling information to be aggregated from numerous services. 1




  - a person belonging to a preliterate, nonindustrial society.

  - a pre-Renaissance painter.


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