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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use pretty, so you can learn how to use pretty in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word pretty here, and see the words sound like or similar to pretty

# Sentence Times
1. “In general, exercise by itself is pretty useless for weight loss, ” says Eric Ravussin, a professor at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La., and an expert on weight loss. 1
2. ” and I told her, “Of course not! ” but I was blushing and I’m pretty sure that she guessed that I tried to start a brush fire in my vagina. 1
3. (Limit 10 per person. but I thought that the price was pretty low. 1
4. (Limit 10 per person.) I sound like an infomercial, but I thought that the price was pretty low. 1
5. 'I am pretty well, I thank you,'answered Mr. Lorry, with meekness ; 'how are you?' 1
6. 'It's the only thing used, besides the Iraqi dinar, for commercial busine and trade, ' he said. 'As long as it stays pretty stable, we don't mind this. ' 1
7. 'When you're watching a movie and on comes an advertisement trying to hard-sell a product, it's pretty much interrupting your entertainment, ' he says. 1
8. " I say, Professor Rubin, " came a bass voice, " are kicking us downstairs pretty fast,(This website/I say.html) aren't you? " 1
9. " It's real nice, real pretty here, " he said; his voice reverberating inside the covered bridge. 1
10. " You can get it at the news - stands, " he added politely, seeing how pretty the inquirer was. 1
11. " You're pretty sharp, little imp ! " 1
12. "Disk drive " be in the earliest pilfer date person when circle advertises, offer free edition for trojan fabricant , if buy the home to feel pretty good, draw out money to buy VIP edition. 1
13. "Given that we had a pretty good run-up in prices, some downward adjustment shouldn't be surprising, " he says. 1
14. "He made it pretty clear from day one that he's an American first of all," said Hong Huang, the fashion magazine publisher. 1
15. "He's recognized that California's a pretty moderate place, " says Darrell Steinberg, the Democratic president pro tem of the Senate. 1
16. "I don't have any pets. I just have pet robots, and they're pretty well behaved," Mr. 1
17. "I don't think we're at any risk of a meaningful sell-off into the end of the year, but I think the basic contours of what the economy looks like are pretty well set," he said. 1
18. "I feel pretty privileged to be able to nap with my head resting on a fully-grown polar bear, " said Mark. 1
19. "I get pretty groggy, " I said, "It's like a comic opera today. 1
20. "I was listening to Tony Blair moaning about you all being anti- American, " she says, ever-so-prim in her pretty pink pinafore. 1
21. "I'm pretty handy at giving out advice," claimed Mark. 1
22. "I've got a feeling election officials and politicos are going to hear you pretty loud," said Cornell Belcher, a Democratic pollster. 1
23. "If the data hold up pretty well, it's going to be a bit of a challenge to the view that the U.S. economy is going to falter, but probably won't convince the most skeptical of people," Stanley said. 1
24. "If you ask where did the Normans come from and what was their impact, most people run out of steam pretty quickly, " says historian Robert Bartlett of the University of St Andrews. 1
25. "If you want to grow as a carmaker, you have to have a pretty credible strategy for emerging markets," with Asia a key part of that, said Michael Tyndall, analyst at Nomura. 1
26. "It is pretty bad when things are deteriorating so fast that even the largest companies in the world don't know how rapidly it is happening," said Jefferies analyst Katherine Egbert. 1
27. "It was pretty bad last year. You come back to school and had forgot everything you ever learned, " said Bianca Lister, 14, a freshman at Westside High School. 1
28. "It's a pretty tight fit for water vapor and ice, " Colaprete said in a briefing at Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif. 1
29. "It's pretty tough work," he wearily confessed. 1
30. "Paying attention to the solstices is a way of teaching mathematics, celestial mechanics and astronomy and culture and history, " she said. "It is also a pretty good party. 1




prettier (comparative adjective) · prettiest (superlative adjective)

  - attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome.


pretties (plural noun)

  - to a moderately high degree; fairly.


pretties (third person present) · prettied (past tense) · prettied (past participle) · prettying (present participle)

  - an attractive thing, typically a pleasing but unnecessary accessory.


  - make pretty or attractive.


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