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# Sentence Times
1. A prelude phase-locked staircase to type V intermittency in a model of a electronic relaxation oscillator is reported. 1
2. Acheson's speech, Truman was known as " the prelude to the Marshall Plan. " 1
3. Actually sweeping and kitchen god worshiping mark the prelude to all the New Year ceremonies. 1
4. Also, it is considered by many as an anachronism, mere prelude to a party on the river for Hooray Henrys. 1
5. And so we unite in common awe as we listen to a Bach prelude for cello, or watch a ballet by Balanchine, or listen to a poem by Wang Wei. 1
6. As our older generation knows from experience, unchecked aggression against a small nation is a prelude to international disaster. 1
7. Bach. One prelude and Fugue from Well-tempered Clavier. 1
8. Bach's Harpsichord music is deeply affected by his organ music, so some Preludes, Fugues and the Sarabande in his Suites are filled with solemn religion spirit. 0
9. Bach's masterpiece Passion oratorio consists of four parts: introductory choral preludes, recitative, chorales , and solo arias. 1
10. But he conducted the preludes and important orchestral episodes with admirable breadth and dramatic zeal. 1
11. But if 1959 had been a bad year, it was just a prelude to the miseries of 1960. 1
12. But not everyone sees 40 as the prelude to falling apart. 1
13. By analyzing Runyang's Musicological Analysis of prelude and Finale of Tristan and Isolde , the author made some suggestion on discipline development of musical analysis. 1
14. Computer simulations are only mechanical extensions of this verbal power, which manipulates signs and symbols as a prelude to manipulating things. 1
15. Could this be a prelude to a trade war even more destructive of world prosperity than a military war? 1
16. Death, for us, is the sorry end of the human story, not the mysterious prelude to a new one. 1
17. Dinner was not lunch, and an evening was the prelude to night. 1
18. Elgar's conducting of the Gerontius prelude had particular beauty and depth of feeling. 1
19. Error is often the precursor of what is correct, but conceit is the prelude to a fall. 1
20. Even this one-day proceeding is merely a prelude to the real case. 1
21. Evolution at the extremes of size is an apt prelude to the great drama that is Darwinism. 1
22. Father and Son, as a prelude of the English new biography, has ushered in the wave of patricide into modernist literature. 1
23. Frederic Francois Chopin, Polish-born composer and renowned pianist, was the creator of 55 mazurkas, 13 polonaises, 24 preludes, 27 etudes, 19 nocturnes, 4 ballads, and 4 scherzos. 1
24. Fried chicken – "Cockerel's Solo", cabbage and cucumber salad – "Vegetable Prelude", schnitzel – "Royal Meal", meat in a jug – "Village Paradise", pumpkin porridge – "King Arthur's Golden Porridge&quo 0
25. Garmisch was a smaller affair, a prelude to the summer and, for the McKeans, a Boston reunion. 1
26. He considered the strikes a prelude to the great socialist revolution. 1
27. He preluded with some banal remarks. 1
28. His frequent depressions were the prelude to a complete mental breakdown. 1
29. His investigations were a necessary prelude to the subsequent discovery of the cause of particle motions. 1
30. I try to analyse Rakhmaninov' s piano prelude and it's music connotation basing on social history and noumenal art , and I want to get a academic gist of performance guidance. 1

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